The Ancestors and Descendants of Loren Beryl Pipes


Sometime during 2001 I was contacted by Frances Eloise Pipes Hansen, a Pipes family descendant who lives in California. She heard of my web site thru another relative who I had previously contacted concerning the family of Loren Beryl Pipes. Loren Pipes is one of the many descendants of the Missouri branch of the Pipes family who descend from the children of Sylvanus and John Pipes. I was attempting to complete the details of this family and after several E-Mails, Eloise made the decision to tackle the tough job of documenting her branch of this family. She enlisted the help of her nephew, Douglas Lloyd Pipes and together they have produced one of the most detailed and complete documents ( It could be described as a book) that I have seen.

They have documented the family from John Pipes Jr. and his brother Sylvanus and the marriage of their two children (and cousins) James and Sarah, who married and moved to Missouri in 1810. The family of the two cousins is well documented  up to a point. They only had two children (Mary and Anderson) but Mary had eight children after marrying George Washington Pipes and Anderson had 6 children with two wives. Anderson had a son named James Preston Pipes with his first wife and it this branch that we follow in this document. His grandson, Loren Beryl Pipes, is the subject of the document as they detail his ancestors and descendants.

We owe Eloise and Douglas a big "Thank You" for sharing their work with us and for doing such a great job. They recently agreed to send me a copy of their original files and it is these files we are linking to here. The files are all in WORD 2000 format or .PDF Format.

In 2009, while working on the family of Herman Anderson Pipes, Douglas Pipes agreed to share with us his file on the family of Herman Anderson Pipes.

Acknowledgements, an Introduction and a History of the Pipes family.

The Genealogy Report File

The Appendix File to the Genealogy Report      Details of Descendants of subjects in the Genealogy Report

A Special Report on the families of Andrew Harrison Pipes and his son Herman Anderson Pipes  This is a .PDF file