David Washington Pipes

Washington Artillery of New Orleans

At Last !  The memoirs are completed. Thanks to help from Glenny Pipes Warzeski, the memoirs are now in electronic form. Because I have not determined the true ownership of the document and the fact that it is in the hands of a manuscript collection and has been at least partially published before, I have decided not to publish the document here. I feel that it would not be in violation of any copyright laws however if I were to supply copies to anyone who is a Pipes family member with the understanding it is to be used for personal use only.

The document is in Microsoft Word for Windows version 6 format. It is 30 pages long and the file size is 146K.

I will send it E Mail as an attachment, just make sure your E mail provider will allow files that big. Just send me an E mail request and I will send it ASAP.

I will agree to send a paper copy if you will agree to send $5.00 to cover the cost of copying and mailing and allow at least 5 days for me to prepare and send the copy.