Edward Self Pipes

Pvt. Company G, 31st Louisiana Infantry

Last updated on February 13, 2004

Edward was the youngest son (of eight children) of Joseph Pipes (1783 - 1840) and Jane Grisham. Joseph was the oldest son of Abner Pipes who first came to Louisiana in 1781 with his brother Windsor Pipes.

Edward was born in June of 1829 and married Nancy Jane Hicks on August 22nd, 1860 in Union Parish, Louisiana. (Nancy was born March 16th, 1845.) He enlisted May 6th,1862 at Monroe, Louisiana, and was a resident at the time of Farmersville, Union Parish, Louisiana. His records indicate that he was captured at some point and is listed on a role of prisoners. He was most likely captured during the surrender at Vicksburg in July of 1863 as the 31st was one of the Confederate units there at the time. He was paroled on June 12th, 1865. His military records from the archives will tell more of the story. I have his wife's pension application made in 1930 in Terrell, Texas. The application contains affidavits from J. Carlisle and W. Douglas stating that Edward was the commanding officer of the Judah P. Benjamin Camp of the local Confederate Veterans organization after the war. The application also reveals that Nancy Pipes passed away on 16th of April, 1932 at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs J. E. Anderson, 203 Pearl Street, Terrell Texas. Edward and Nancy moved to Kaufman County, Texas from Rushton, Louisiana in 1885. He is in the 1900 Census of Kaufman County. He died In Kaufman City in February, 1908 and is buried there. His death notice gives him the title of Major and notes his Civil War service. Edward and Nancy had children, but I only know the name of one daughter, Florence, born in Louisiana in 1878.  

Edward had a nephew named Reuben F. Pipes who was a son of William H. Pipes and Louisa Dutton. Reuben also served in the same company and their names show up together after the war in records of Union Parish.

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