Isaac Newton Pipes & James H. Pipes

Pvt. 4th Mississippi Cavalry

I have placed these two soldiers together on the same page because they were brothers and they also joined and served together in the same unit during the war. They rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest and I am researching their War records now.

They were the 10th and 11th children of Abner Pipes and 1st and 2nd children of Abner's third wife, Mary Hynum. Abner was the third child of Windsor Pipes, the progenitor of the Pipes name in Louisiana and Mississippi. Abner appears to have moved to Mississippi from Louisiana sometime in the early 1790s and lived in Jefferson County Mississippi.


I have little information on James but do know that he was born about 1827 according to census records. His father, Abner, died in 1835 and in the 1840 census James was living with his mother and her second husband, Samuel Bagnell, in Jefferson County. By 1867 he still appears to be unmarried and is living in Claiborne County in a place called Rocky Springs with his mother. James is not listed in the 1870 census and I am not sure of his fate at this time.


Isaac was born in 1829 according to census records. He also lived with his mother after his fathers death in 1835. Isaac married Annn Eliza Evans in November of 1849 in Bastrop, Louisiana. They lived in Mississippi, in Claiborne County,  until after the war and then moved to Morehouse Parish, Louisiana.  Isaac died on February 18,1888 and his wife passed away in 1913. They raised eight children, seven born before the war and one after.

Larrie Spier Curry sent us a  transcript of a petition submitted to the government after the war for losses her family suffered at the hands of General Grant's Army.

We owe a big thank you for these priceless pictures to Larrie Spier Curry. Thanks for sharing with us, Larrie.

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