Cyndi's Genealogy lists     This is the ultimate site for genealogy. Everything is listed here somewhere.

The Roots Surname List - Name finder  Every one has a name in here

The American Civil War Home Page   The ultimate Civil War Information Page

The Civil War reading List    A list of books for the Civil War Scholar

Shamrock Hill Books     They have Civil War books and The official record on CD Rom

Daniel Boone    The man and the story - Interesting info on one of the first men into Kentucky

Germany in The Second World War    Jason Pipes has an Excellent Page on German Military History

Connie Taylor has a new Genealogy Page  Connie is a Pipes Descendant

Missouri GENWEB Project pages   A great place to research in Missouri

A History of the 28th Louisiana Infantry    A Web Page maintained by Steve Pipes.

Theresa McGowin's Pipes Web Page   The Pipes and McGowin/McGowan Families intermarried

A web page for the Missouri Pipes/Knifong connection, authored by Don Dewitt

A web page by Alan Pipes of Bristol, England