USA Map A Map of the significant state locations connected with the Pipes family from 1665 to 1900. Click on the states of Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana/Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Washington, Texas and Iowa to see additional information. A pop up box will indicate these states when your mouse pointer is over them.

David Pipes - 1665 Earliest known Pipes John Pipes Sr.- Bristol Co, 1736 John Pipes Jr. and the Pipes family origin 1736-1780 Windsor Pipes 1771; Joseph & John in 1780 John Sr., Hiram and John Jr. 1771 - John Pipes Sr. 1783 - 1804 Windsor & Abner Pipes 1781 - John Pipes Jr., Sylvanus and Phillip 1787 - 1880 Descendants of Windsor, Abner, John Jr. & Phillip; 1850- Phillip Pipes 1820 - Sylvanus Pipes and descendants 1810 - Descendants from Washington & Greene Co, Pennsylvania Descendants from Kentucky and Pennsylvania Descendants from Alabama of Phillip Pipes Descendants from Pennsylvania Descendants from Alabama & Tennessee Abner Pipes moved here from SW Pa. in 1880 ( Grahm Co.) Descendants from Oklahoma originated in Indiana and Texas Descendants of Nancy Pipes and Moses Kirkland Descendants from SW Pennsylvania    The best free maps on the net!      The Pipes Family Home Page 1999