The following publications are sometimes available for information on the Pipes family history and genealogy. Check local libraries or Specialty book stores. I have listed sources if I know them.

Gray, Pipes, Harmon:  Published by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, Chillicothe, Mo.

Published in 1960 and may still be found in some libraries or  Antiquarian bookstores. This book provides some sketchy information on the Pipes name in early England and outlines the  relationships between these three families in the late 1700's in the area known as Doctor's Fork, ( near present day Perryville ) Kentucky. The Pipes, Harmon and Gray families were among the first settlers in this area in 1795 & 1796. The book lists all the known descendants that Mrs Ellsberry gathered after many years of work.

   I have not talked with Mrs. Ellsberry in a couple of years now. Our last conversation was in 2006, I think. She said at that time that she was no longer making or selling copies of her books and had retired  See the books list on this site for the titles to her published books. Her address was:  225 15th St., Chillicothe, Missouri. 64601.  Her phone number was:  816-646-4409

The Descendants of John Pipes Jr. : Published by E. P. Ellsberry, Chillicothe, Mo.

Published in 1964, this is a revised edition of the Pipes, Harmon, Gray  edition above. This edition may also still be found in some libraries and also sometimes found at The Tuttle Bookstore in Rutland Vermont. This edition adds more descendant material and lists generations of the children of John Pipes Jr.

Descendants of Windsor Pipes and Abner Pipes: E. P. Ellsberry, Chillicothe, Mo.

This book publishes material collected by Ella Dumas of Dallas, Texas and Sydney Kilpatrick of Alexandria, La. Windsor and Abner Pipes were brothers of John Pipes Jr. Windsor and Abner located to Louisiana in the late 1700's or early 1800's and this book details the descendants of the two brothers. This book is also to be found in some libraries or antiquarian bookstores. I do not know the publication date of this book, but assume that it was in the late 60's or early 70's.

The Descendants of Hiram Pipes of Wilkes County, N. Carolina: John O. Hawkins

I purchased a copy of this book directly from Mr. Hawkins at Rt. 5, Box 430 Lenoir, N. Carolina. The purchase price was a reasonable donation to his Pipes Family Association. He produces a newsletter about the local Pipes activities on an unscheduled basis. This book summarizes much of the early research and gathers some of the myths and stories about the early origins of the name. It also details the descendants of the Pipes family who remained in N. Carolina after John Pipes Jr. moved to Kentucky in 1796. The research that went into constructing the Hiram Pipes story, I thought was very impressive.

The Heritage of Surry Co. N. Carolina; Hunter Publishing Co.  Winston-Salem NC.

This large format book is one in a series of publications on each county in NC. There is a detailed account of the early doings of John Pipes Sr. and the Pipes families in this area written by Mrs. Elsie Amerine. This book would probably only be found in a large library.

Colonial Pioneers, Martin and Bell Families & their kin : Mary C. Martin

I purchased this book directly from Mrs. Martin, but have misplaced her address. The book was published in 1992 by Family History Publishers, 845 S. Main St., Bountiful, Utah.  Pages 197 to 217 detail the story of John Pipes Sr. and Jr. and Nancy Pipes, a daughter of John Jr. who married a Gray, whose children were ancestors of Mrs. Bell' s husband.

Hennen's Choice: Dorothy Hennen

Published in 1972, this family history volume details information about Joseph Pipes, ( a son of John Pipes Jr. by his first marriage.) Joseph lived in Southwestern Pennslyvania, fought in the revolution and was captured by the Indians when he was a member of The Crawford expedition. Joseph raised 14 children in the far southwest corner of the Keystone state.

The Plains and the People:  Virginia Lobdell Jennings

This book has information on the Pipes family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and some insights to the early history of the family in Louisiana. Lists some marriages and early area history.

Louisiana Historical And Biographical Memoirs

Published by Goodspeed Co., Chicago,  in 1892, this volume is mentioned in Mrs. Ellsberry's book on Winsdor and Abner. She refers to Vol. II and page 311 for a memoir of Windsor and Abner that outlines their movements from Philadelphia to Illinois, then to Natchez about 1780. This information is presented as a biographical history of the family of David Washington Pipes and oulines the family and descendants very well.

The History of the Descendants of the Jersey Settlers of Adams County, Mississippi: Frances Preston Mills

Published by Herdemman Brothers, Jackson, Mississippi in 1981. This 3 volume set has much information on the Pipes family in Mississippi. This book is centered around the Swazye Family and all of the families that left New Jersey with them to settle in Florida and ended up in Louisiana. It appears that Windsor did not come with them, but joined them soon after, possibly from Kentucky. The most interesting page of this book prints the obituary of Abner Pipes, son of Windsor, which states that he was born in Kentucky in 1773.

Old Louisiana Plantation Homes and Family Trees : Herman Boehm de Bachelle Seebold  1875

Privately published, this volume was finally identified to me by Jerry Pipes of Washington. His son Mark found it in a Seattle library some years ago and Jerry mentioned it in a family history that he has prepared on his family. This book also mentions the "story" that John Pipes went to Georgia. I am waiting on a copy of the book from the Wisconsin Historical Society Library. I have recently found Volume I, but also find that the info I need is in Volume II, which is no where to be found in Wisconsin. Still looking. (03/97 Thanks to Lisa Emmons, I have now received the information from Volume two)

Counterfeiting in Colonial America: by Kenneth Scott  1957

Published by the Oxford University Press, this book details the colonial counterfeiting schemes that many people participated in during the time before the revolution. Our John pipes Sr. is mentioned several times as he was involved with several of his neighbors (cronies?) in striking money and coins from 1748 to 1752 in Morristown, NJ . Interesting that the names Job Allen and Tim Southerd appear with him here and many times later in his life as well. This book is out of print, but may be found in local libraries. I may enter the information pertinent to our family on this page someday soon.

History of Morris County          W.W. Munsell Co

This volume mentions John Pipes and Joseph Pipes in the revolution. It details what units they were in , gives details of the movements, locations and timing of their units. This is the only place that I found that states that John Pipes Jr. was an officer in the New Jersey Line. It states that he was a second and then first lieutenant in Captain Noadiah Wade's company. This book also lists some names of other men in their companies. This book was published in 1882 by George MacNamara Press, 36 Vesey St. New York City.

Colonial and Revolutionary Morris County     by Theodore Thayer

This volume was present in my local library collection. It was authorized by the Morris County Heritage Commission and printed by the Compton Press in Morristown in 1975. It is an excellent source of information about colonial Morris County. Starting with the indians who first lived there and proceeding through settlement and then to the revolution, it gives an exciting picture of colonial life and a lot of details about military activity during the revolution. John Pipes Sr. is mentioned in a few pages that outline the couterfeiting incidents. Several other family names are mentioned, such as: Baley, Hathaway, Morris, and Riggs.

The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families    by Howard Leckey

This book was published by the Greene County, Pennsylvania, Historical Society at Waynesburg, Pa. in 1950. ( There is a 1977 reprint that may be purchased from the Greene Co. Historical Society.)  Mr. Leckey concentrates on the genealogy and family origins of the Pioneer families and mentions the Pipes, Slater, Hathaways and most of the early settlers on the Tenmile. This is the book that mentions Windsor buying and selling land at Fort Jackson in 1771. It gives details of the Thomas Slater family, and is a valuable resource for early Greene and Washington Counties.

The Hathaways of America and Hathaways 1200-1980

These two volumes are published by the Hathaway Family Association, edited by Frances Versailles and may still be purchased from Ruth Keightley at  as well as at some used book stores but for a much inflated price.The "Hathaways of America" volume is the 2nd edition and was published in 1970. ( The first edition was published in 1965.) Susannah Hathaway and John Pipes' marriage is mentioned as well as the involvement of both families in the counterfeiting incident in Morristown. This edition documents the extensive research that has been done on this family over the years in England as well as colonial America.  It is a large book and follows many of the family lines through the United States. The second volume, " Hathaways 1200-1980", focuses on the early evidence, origins and research of the Hathaway name in England. Just so you will not be disapponted, there is a gap in documentation of the family in the 15th and 16th century. This second volume also adds many pages of updates and new information to the 1970 edition.