I am including here a file sent to us by Richard Williams. He has put a great deal of effort into research on the surname PIPE in England. He recently sent me the file and asked that I put it on the web site. It is very interesting and includes some of the same early references that we have heard for the name Pipes, but it appears they were really for the name PIPE. Is it possible that our name is derived from the name PIPE and De PIPE?

My original entries are after this file.

I asked Richard if he might have time to do similar research on our name but he had to decline because of other commitments. He does this as a hobby and we owe him a big thank you for the information.

Richard Williams, 15 High Street, Dragonby, SCUNTHORPE, ENGLAND, DN15 0BE

rah.williams@virgin.net Tel: 01724 840645


ARMS: (1) Azure crusilly or a fesse or (1308-13) (2) Azure crusilly fitch‚e or a fesse or (3) Azure crusilly or two organ-pipes pileways or (1354)


The earlier account is unclear.

Richard Pipe

(lord of Great Pipe) *1285

Sir Robert Pipe Knight c1250-

children: Alice Pipe m William Jarpenvill of Draycott-in-the-Clay in Hanbury c1280-a1318


Sir Thomas Pipe of Pipe in Lichfield c1253-

children: Margart Pipe m Sir Philip Somerville of Wichnor in Tatenhill c1278-1355 QV

Sir Thomas Pipe Knight

m c1300 an heiress of Jarpenvill

Sir Thomas Pipe of Pipe in Lichfield Knight c1273-

m p1308 Margaret Bassett dau and eventual coheir of Ralph Basset 1st

Baron Bassett of Drayton c1255-1299 QV; m1 a1298 Edmund Stafford 1st Baron Stafford

1273-?1308 QV; AOD 18 Oct 1327 [84]; d 17 Mar 1336ù7 [IPM]; i Tysoe, Warwicks; IPM

(Staffs, Warwicks) 18 Mar 1336.7/10 Apr 1337 [126]

(lord of Bradeley and Great Madeley) *1316

(as a Staffs Knight, summoned to attend the King at Westminster) *1324

children: James Pipe below

Sir James Pipe of Pipe in Lichfield, Knight c1310-

(after litigation Pipe was settled on his half-brother Sir Richard Stafford of Pipe in Lichfield, K.B. "Baron Stafford" c1305-1380 QV) [SHC 1917-8 83]; (living) 1354 [*1583 24]

NOTES: John Pipe and his wife Margaret (Harcourt) in case regarding Morton Daubeny, Warwicks in 1341 [PFTPR 42]



ARMS: (1)*Azure crusilly or two organ-pipes pileways or (2)*Vert crusilly or two organ-pipes pileways or

CREST: A lions head erased affront‚e argent crowned with an earls coronet or issuing therefrom a plume of five ostrich feathers argent

ARMS: Azure a fesse and two bars gemelles between six cross crosslets or [VIS.LONDON.1568 10]

CREST: A demi-pegasus wings expanded argent



ARMS:*Azure two organ-pipes pileways or between ten crosses crosslet or

CREST: A leopards head erased or

John Pipe of Bilston c1330-

(with sons John and William, living) 1396/7

children: John Pipe below

William Pipe further below

John Pipe of Bilston c1355-

(living) 1415

children: John Pipe below

John Pipe of Bilston c1380-

(entailed his lands on himself, and the heirs of his body, with remainder to his cousin William) 1423/4


William Pipe (of Bilston) c1359-

m ..... .....

children: [?] William Pipe below

[?] John Pipe (granted land to Bilston Chapel) 1457/8 [SHAW II 170])

William Pipe of Bilston c1384-

(as cousin of John Pipe) 1423/4; (granted land to Bilston Chapel) 1457/8 [SHAW II 170])


Thomas Pipe of Bilston c1443-c1490

m Catherine dau of John atte Hoo

d c1489/90

children: John Pipe below

Richard Pipe below

[?] Roger Pipe (Bailiff, Staple of Wolverhampton) 1497 [? grandfather of Richard

Pipe m 1 Feb 1550 Wolverhampton: Margery Brown; (and had children: Eleanor c 12 Nov

1551 Wolverhampton)]

John Pipe of Bilston c1473-a1500

(had no children)

d 1499/1500


Richard Pipe of Bilston c1477-1542

m Margaret Wakelyn dau of Richard Wakelyn of Derbyshire; c1532 FAS; (a widow) 1542

d 1542; i Wolverhampton; M.I. [SHAW II 156]

(of Bilston) c1532 FAS

children: John Pipe [1] b c1507; c1532 FAS below

Joan Pipe [1] c1532 FAS; m Richard Boylston of Newton, Derbys

Rose Pipe [2] b c1511; c1532 FAS; m Henry Sparry of Clent c1510-1589 QV

Edward Pipe [3] c1532 FAS

John Pipe [4] c1532 FAS

Richard Pipe [5] b c1515; c1532 FAS; (aged 72) 1587 below

[?] Alice Pipe b c1517; [NOT in c1532 FAS] m James Ducie (of Willenhall in

Wolverhampton) c1520-.... QV

John Pipe of Bilston c1507-a1575

(had no children)

d 1574/5


Sir Richard Pipe of London Knight c1515-1587

m1 Elizabeth Luce dau of Humphrey Luce of London

m2 Jane Gittins; (but had no children); m1 Henry Beecher of London; (and had children: Henry,

Edward); Will (PCC) 20 Dec 1587/30 Nov 1588

d 19 Sep 1587 aged 72; i Barlborough, Derbys; M.I.; Will (PCC) ...../4 Nov 1587

(with Richard Bowyer, bought Wallingwells, Notts) 5 Aug 1564

(Sheriff, London) 1571-2; (patron of Barlborough) 1574 [COX IV 446]; (Lord Mayor, London) 1578-9; (Member, Draper's Company); (citizen and leather-seller)

children: Humphrey Pipe [1] b c1547; (aged 20 6m) 18 Jun 1568 below

Richard Pipe [2] b c1549; (aged 19) 1568

Evan Pipe [3] b c1550; (aged 18) 1568

Margaret Pipe b c1553; (aged 15) 1568; m1 William Mouncey; (and had children: [?

Margaret]); m2 ..... Chamberlain

Susan Pipe b c1554; (aged 14) 1568; m Robert Smith (Governor of Merchant

Adventurers of England in Antwerp) c1535-1610; i Stoke Prior, Worcs

David Pipe [4] b c1558; (aged 10) 1568

Samuel Pipe [5] c 19 Jun 1559 St Lawrence Jewry and St Mary Magdalen Milk

Street, London; (aged 8) 1568 further below

Humphrey Pipe of Wallingwells, Notts c1547-

m Susan Jones dau of Edward Jones of Plascadogan, Denbighs

(aged 20 6m) 18 Jun 1568

children: Richard Pipe b c1577 below

Richard Pipe of Wallingwells, Notts c1577-1659

m Martha Sondes

(had no children)

d Jan 1658.9

(succeded by his kinsman Samuel Pipe of Bilston Esquire 1641-1706 QV)


Samuel Pipe of Bilston 1559-1636

c 19 Jun 1559 St Lawrence Jewry and St Mary Magdalen Milk Street, London 5th son of

Sir Richard Pipe of London Knight c1515-1587 QV

m Elizabeth Wrottesley 4th dau of John Wrottesley of Wrottesley c1516-1578 QV;

b c1574; i 11 May 1642 Wolverhampton

i 17 Jun 1636 Wolverhampton

(by purchase, lord of Bradley in Wolverhampton)

(aged 8) 1568

children: Walter Pipe c 23 Mar 1594 Wolverhampton below

John Pipe c 23 Feb 1595 Wolverhampton; i 12 Apr 1606 Wolverhampton

Richard Pipe c 21 Jul 1598 Wolverhampton

Susan Pipe c 1 Nov 1599 Wolverhampton

Humphrey Pipe c 1 Dec 1601 Wolverhampton

Dorothy Pipe c 5 OR 10 Sep 1604 Wolverhampton; i 5 Jun 1683 Wolverhampton

[?] Lettice Pipe i 11 Oct 1669 Wolverhampton

[?] Sarah Pipe i 12 Dec 1679 Wolverhampton

Walter Pipe of Bilston 1594-1650

c 23 Mar 1594 Wolverhampton

m1? Alice Persehouse dau of John Persehouse of "Reynolds Hall", Walsall gentleman

c1558-1636 QV; (? but had no children)]

m2? Catherine Wyrley dau of Humphrey Wyrley of Hamsted in Handsworth c1574-a1671 QV

i 1 Sep 1650 Wolverhampton


[2] Elizabeth Pipe c 19 May 1640 Wolverhampton: m Thomas Jevon of Sedgley

1643-1692 QV; i 25 Oct 1721 Wolverhampton

Samuel Pipe [twin] c 2 Aug 1641 Wolverhampton; (aged 22) 1664 below

Robert Pipe [twin] c 2 Aug 1641 Wolverhampton

Samuel Pipe of Bilston Esquire 1641-1706

c 2 Aug 1641 Wolverhampton

m 12 Sep 1662 Worksop, Notts: Howard Prince dau of Sir Richard Prince of Shrewsbury

Knight c1589-1665 [SHAW II 172 pedigree] and Mary (Wrottesley dau of Walter

Wrottesley of Wrottesley in Tettenhall Esquire c1547-1630 QV); i 14 Apr 1716

Wolverhampton; Will (...) 8 Feb 1706/.....

d 2 Nov 1706; i 4 Nov 1706 Wolverhampton

(as kinsman and heir of Richard Pipe of Wallingwells, Notts c1577-1659 QV, of Wallingwells, Notts)

(aged 18, adm. pens., Peterhouse, Cambridge) 20 Jan 1659ù60; (matric.) 1660; (aged 22, certified Visitation) 25 Apr 1664; (7 hearths, Bilston) 1666 HT

children: Mary Pipe b c1663; i as dau of Samuel P. Esq. 23 Apr 1664 Wolverhampton

Elizabeth Pipe b 31 Jan 1664.5; c 23 Feb 1664.5 Wolverhampton; m 19 May 1693

Bilston: William Burton of Birmingham, Warwicks

Sarah Pipe c 8 Jan 1665.6 Wolverhampton; unm.; d 20 Sep 1732 Birmingham

[Bilston PR]; 1716 E mw

Ann Pipe c 23 Dec 1666 Wolverhampton; unm.; i 7 Aug 1715 Wolverhampton

Dorothy Pipe c 8 Dec 1667 Wolverhampton; m 8 Nov 1701 .....: Samuel Davies of

Cheter; (and had children: Samuel, [others])

Philip Pipe c 18 Aug 1669 Wolverhampton

Samuel Pipe c 23 Jun 1670 Wolverhampton; d in infancy

Samuel Pipe c 17 Dec 1672 Wolverhampton below

Mary Pipe c 20 Sep 1674 Wolverhampton; m 2 Feb 1701.2 (by licence) Willenhall

[see Bilston PR]: Edward Perry of Birmingham, Warwicks; (and had children: Thomas b

1 Aug 1705 [see Bilston PR], Jane b 13 Mar 1706 [see Bilston PR]); d 18 Mar

1707.8; i 20 Mar 1707.8 Wolverhampton

Richard Pipe c 20 Nov 1677 Wolverhampton; m 5 Aug 1725 Wolverhampton: Margaret

Rawley; (and had children: Sarah [heir] c 29 Aug 1728 Bilston; m John Turton of

Bilston); i 31 Dec 1746 .....; (of Bilston ironmonger)

John Pipe i as son of Samuel Esq. 9 Jan 1680.1 Wolverhampton

Humphrey Pipe c 20 Jul 1682 Wolverhampton below

Nov 2, 1706. On the same day about seven o'clock in the morning Samuel Pipe Esq died of a collick or such like acute illness he having been reasonably hearty the evening before aged as I take it about 65 years. He left œ10 to the poor. [SHAW II 171*]

Samuel Pipe of Bilston 1672-1730

c 17 Dec 1672 Wolverhampton

m 4 Mar 1711.2 Elford: Jane Spateman 1st dau of John Spateman of Yoxall clerk c1643-

1718 QV; m2 23 Apr 1734 Colwich: John Swynnerton of Stafford gentleman

d Stafford; i 5 Nov 1730 Wolverhampton

children: [see SHAW II 172 pedigree]


Humphrey Pipe of Wolverhampton clerk 1682-1725

c 20 Jul 1682 Wolverhampton

m 23 Sep 1717 Wombourn: Grace Bott dau of John Bott of Dunstall in Tatenhill ....-

.... QV; b c1684; d 1 Sep 1747; i 3 Sep 1747 Tamworth

d "of an iliack passion" [see SHAW II 171] 21 Aug 1725; i 23 Aug 1725 Wolverhampton

(adm. Pembroke, Oxford) 1700; (B.A.) 1704; (of Appleby, Leics) 1709; (M.A.) 1712; (ordained deacon); (undermaster, Birmingham GS) 1713-4; (Usher OR Undermaster, Wolverhampton GS) ?1720-d [WGS 183]

children: Samuel Pipe b 17 Jul 1719; c 7 Aug 1719 St Philip, Birmingham below

Samuel Pipe of Croxall, Derbys 1719-1779

b 17 Jul 1719; c 7 Aug 1719 St Philip, Birmingham

m 19 Sep 1749 Grendon, Warwicks: Dorothy Wolferstan 1st dau of Stanford Wolferstan of

Statfold c1689-1772 QV [see WOLVERSTONE]; c 14 Jun 1715 Tamworth; d 26 Oct 1754

d 15 Feb 1779; i 19 Feb 1779 Walton-upon-Trent

(clerk); (M.A.); (Vicar, Croxall, Derbys); (Rector, Walton-upon-Trent, Derbys)

children: Samuel Pipe [1] b 5 Feb 1750.1; c 16 Apr 1751 Tamworth below

Sarah Grace Pipe [1] b 16 Mar 1751.2; c 19 May 1752 .....

Elizabeth Pipe [2] b 23 Jun 1753; c 1 Aug 1753 .....; d 27 Aug 1781; i 1 Sep

1781 .....

Humphrey Pipe [2] b 15 Oct 1754; c 19 Oct 1754 Tamworth

Samuel Pipe LATER Wolferstan of Statfold 1751-1820

b 5 Feb 1750.1; c 16 Apr 1751 Tamworth

m 25 Jun 1778 Barton-under-Needwood: Margaret Biddulph dau of Walter Biddulph of

Barton-under-Needwood c1710-.... QV


(assumed by sign manual the surname and arms of Wolferstan) 5 Jun 1776


c1532 FAS []; *1583 []; *1614/64 []; *1664/1700 []; 1666 []; HT []; IGI


INDEXED 15/3/2000


c1532 FAS; *1614/64; *1664/1700; IGI; [? 1663/4 (AMPHLETT); VIS.LONDON.1568 10



INDEXED 15/3/2000

INDEXED 15/3/2000

These are my original entries for the name Pipes/Pipe etc. Several of these appear in the file above or are very similar to entries in the file.

Entries taken from several sources to identify the source of the name Pipes in England.

Taken from Kington Hundred, page 119

Of the portion of Moreton which passed to the Earls of Leicester, William de Bishopsdon was in possession by the reign of Henry III, and gave it to his son, Sir Thomas and his wife, Cecily. After the death of Sir Thomas the estate had descended to the younger Henry’s daughter Margaret and her then husband, John De Pipe. John De Pipe and Margaret had settled the property on themselves, with remainder to their son Richard and his wife, Agnes, in 1320. Margaret survived John and married John De Saundrestede, and in l349 they settled on themselves, with remainder to her grandson Henry de Pipe and Ingrith his wife. Henry De Pipe died in 1362, and the manor was sold in the following year by his brother, Nicholas, son of Richard De Pipe, to Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.

( The above entry was in one of Mrs Ellsberry's books. I am not sure of the source of the entry, but it appears to be a description taken from a tax book or the Domesday book? It does suggest the use of the name De Pipe and may indicate that the name came to England from France during the Norman conquest by a soldier of William the Conqueror. Or, it may just suggest, as do some of the defintions, that it was a name given to someone who lived near a pipe or artesian well or flowing spring such as the one near Hereford.)

From the "Dictionary of British Surnames"

   ( Abbreviations Used: AssSa, AssSo, FFBk are various assize roles or tax lists made in ancient times.  OE is Old English, OG is Old German, Fr is French)

From an "Ordinary of British Surnames"

( These entries are descriptions of Coat of arms or ordinaries. Each one describes the heraldic insignia as it was defined for that person. They use a language with many old terms and starnge definitions. Some words describe the colors used, such as Az being Azure blue. Some colors describe background and others foreground. Words like Crusily and Chevronwise describe the location of the item on the background. Items on the arms are typically animals such as lions, or crosses or pipes or fifes or objects. The important things here are the names and dates and places. Also notice that two of the entries are for Knights of the Templar order. The abbreviation used is Temp.)

From "Dictionary of English Surnames with Special American Instances" by Charles W. Bardsley, 1967

From "Litchfield Wills and Administrations "

( These names are from Litchfield wills and the interesting thing is the use of the modern version of PIPES in 1625, and the older versions before that time. Maybe all versions were used at the same time, maybe not.)