Where we try to answer the question: "Where do I look to find my branch of the Pipes family?

First, try as best you can to find out where and when your oldest relative was born and grew up. If you can find that out for someone who was born before 1930 we will likely have that person in one of the Genealogy reports. I have the majority of persons named Pipes born before 1900 in the databases. I do not claim to have them all yet, but I am working on it. And yes, there are still some mysterious persons named Pipes out there that I just cannot figure out. There were also immigrants to the US named Pipes in the 19th and 20th century. I am working on a list of them for publication here. There were also a contingent of the Canada family who migrated to the far North Eastern states and then in the 1860s migrated across the northern tier of states (North Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington) mainly for jobs in Mining and Railroads.

To make things easier to keep straight, I like to set the branches of the Pipes family up by name of the children of John Pipes Senior and his wife Susannah Hathaway. These branch designations work until about 1900 where everything changed. After that period it was impossible to "keep them down on the farm" and all bets are off. So I hope this helps. If not, then email me with questions, I enjoy helping out.

The Main Branches and where they lived

John Pipes Jr and his first wife Jemima Harriman

They had 4 children in New Jersey: John, Joseph, Daniel and Rhoda. Rhoda married Jacob DeCamp and moved to New York state about 1800. Joseph John and Daniel all ended up in Washington and Greene County Pennsylvania between 1780 and 1800. Their children were in Washington and Greene County, Pennsylvania, Knox, Jefferson and Morrow Co., Ohio, Allen and Boone Co, Indiana, Tyler Co., W. Virginia, and Meade Co., Kentucky.

John Pipes Jr and his second wife, Mary Morris

John and Mary left Morristown, New Jersey and went to Surry Co. N. Carolina. By the time their children had grown they were in Mercer Co., Kentucky. The children and grandchildren migrated to Missouri and one to Texas and some stayed in Kentucky. Some grandchildren went to Pike Co.,  Indiana and a few of those went to Oklahoma. One grandson went to Montana.

Windsor Pipes and his wife Jane McAfee

Windsor moved around a lot but by the time his children were grown he had settled in Adams Co. Mississippi. Some of his children migrated to Louisiana. Their children in turn, migrated to Texas. If your family is from Louisiana they are almost certain to be from Windsor or Abner's Family. The same is true if your family is from Texas, but Texas eventually had migrations from all of the families.

Abner Pipes and his wife Mary

Abner moved to N. Carolina and to South Carolina with his Father and then to Mississippi with his brother Windsor. His children also moved to Louisiana and grandchildren then moved to Texas.

Hiram Pipes and his wife Elizabeth Allison

Hiram was born in Surry Co., N. Carolina and he migrated to neighboring Wilkes County. His family mostly remained in N. Carolina one grandson moved to Idaho in later years.

Phillip Pipes

Phillip moved to Surry Co., N. Carolina with his father's family and then to Kentucky with his brothers. Some of his children remained and married in Kentucky, others of his children removed with him to Wayne Co. Kentucky and then to Limestone Co., Alabama. Grandchildren moved to nearby Hardin County Tennessee and to nearby counties in Arkansas.

Sylvanus Pipes

Sylvanus followed the same path as Phillip and was probably the leader on that path from New Jersey to N. Carolina, to Kentucky but then went to Missouri as did most of his children.