The Will of John Pipes Sr.

 Many thanks to Shirley Hamill for this copy of John's Will and assorted papers concerning his estate.

The will reads thus: ( with no editing by me, including punctuation or spelling)

State of South Carolina}

Spartanburg District }

I John Pipes do declare this to be my last will and testament  I do disanull and revoke all other wills writings or testaments heretofore assigned by me John Pipes. item I do first will that all my lawfull debts be paid and charges for my burial   item I do then will that my wife Priscilla Pipes be in possesion of all my moveable and unmoveable property her lifetime after me not wasting the the same in any unlawful way   item I then do will after her death that my daughter Salley Pipes shall have all that may remain of all lands quadrupedes moveable and unmoveable as witness my hand and seal this eight teenth of November one thousand eight hundred and four

signed in the present of                                              his

Ephraim Lewis}                                               John   X    Pipes         Seal

William (_____)? }                                                  mark

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This second page is a court document where all of the persons involved in the estate of John Pipes apparently agree to leave everything to his wife Priscilla and to not contest the will or its provisions.

It reads thus: ( again with no editing by me)

Agreable to the within    We the legatees of the deceased John Pipes have met and unanimously agreed and settled amongst our selves considering that the cost would out do the profit and and put a poor old widow to suffer in her old days and therefore have settled it to hers and all of our minds

Thomas Walling

Benjamin Lewis

Sally  X    Pipes

Priscilla  X   Pipes

To Gab Bumpafs esquire

March 28 1805

( Note: Gab is short for Gabriel, he was an officer of the court for the district of Spartanburg, not sure of the spelling of his last name. This note was written for him, after he summoned everyone to court to settle the matter)

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The third document is a citation by the same man as above: Gabriel Bumpafs.

It reads thus:

South Carolina}

Spartanburg District}


By Gabriel Bumpafs Esquire Ordinary

       Whereas Thomas Walling made suit to me to grant to him letters of administration of the estate and affects of John Pipes dec ( ?)  These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and crediters of the said John Pipes (unreadable 2 letter word or abbreviation?) deceased that they be and appear before me in the court of Ordinary to be held at Spartanburg Courthouse on the first Monday in April after publication hereof at Spartanburg Courthouse (the purpose is?) to share  (concern?) if any they have why the said administration should not be granted given under my hand and seal this 27th day of March in the year of our lord 1805 and in the 29th year of American independence.

The copy of this document is not readable by my scanner as there is considerable bleed through from the opposite side of the original page on my copy.