William Washington Pipes

Pvt. 5th Louisiana Cavalry

Last updated 01/08/08

William Washington Pipes apparently used the initials WW as a shortened version of his name, as his pension application shows his signature using the initials and that version is also used in several places where the applicant's name would appear.

W. W. was born  October 18th, 1845 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana. His death certificate lists his father as James Huey Pipes and his mother as Elizabeth Grissom both born in Tennessee.  W.W. married 17 year old Mary Elizabeth Collie on the 17th of August, 1866 in Union County, Arkansas. She was born 27th July, 1849 and died on August 21st, 1935.

I do not have much information on his Military service except that he joined the 5th Louisiana Cavalry in March of 1862, appeared on the rolls of prisoners of war and was paroled at Monroe, Louisiana June 14th, 1865.

He moved to Texas about 1893, was a farmer and lived in Henderson and Anderson Counties. He applied for and received a Confederate pension in 1913 from Frankston, Texas.  W. W. died on August 15th, 1938 in Anderson County at the age of 92. His pension application papers indicate at least three sons; Jesse C., Claud C., and Tom.

A follow up by one of his descendants lists nine children: John Willie(1869-1963), James Jethro, Rufus Newton, Vader Lee, Alice, Thomas McGee, Robert Eugene, Jesse Clarence and Claude Cleveland.

In 2007 I received several Pictures of W. W. Pipes and his wife Mary Elizabeth from one of his Great Grandsons, Brian A. Pipes. Brian's emails and the pictures confirm that William Washington Pipes was a very special man and I truly wish I could have had the chance to know him. Here are several pictures of William and Elizabeth taken probably between 1925 and 1938.

There  are also pictures of his son John Willie Pipes and John Willie's son Robert Felton Pipes.

    WW Pipes        WW & Mary      Mary       WW & Mary     WW Pipes                    

  John Willie Pipes ca 1896      Robert Felton Pipes  WWII Era

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