Pvt Alexander Pipes

Pvt. Windsor Pipes Jr.

Company C, 12th Kentucky Cavalry

Alexander and Windsor were brothers from Meade County Kentucky. They were the sons of Windsor Pipes and Christina Sappenfield. This Windsor Pipes was the son of John Pipes and Eleanor Slater and John Pipes was the son of John Pipes Jr. and Jemima Harriman. The family moved to Meade County from Green County Pennsylvania when Windsor and Christina relocated to the south after staying in Harrison Co., Indiana for about two years.

We are working on more info about these brothers but we do have some dates to provide,

Alexander was born June 22, 1843 and died October 3, 1909. He married  Hester Kendall and he served in the 12th Ky Cavalry, joining that unit on August 12th ,1862.

Windsor was born October 28, 1840 and died February 19, 1900, He married  a woman named Bullock and he served in the 12th with his brother,  joining the same day from Meade Co. They were discharged on August 23, 1865

The above info was supplied by Ronald Pipes who is a descendant of Alexander. He has a picture of Alexander and his mother and has graciously allowed us to put it here on the web page.

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