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I apologize, but the email addresses on this page are not up to date.

If you are interested in exchanging information, ideas, copies or what have you concerning the Pipes Family History then send me your Name, your E-Mail address and a few short lines that would tell someone who visits this page what branch of the family you are from and in what topics you have interest. I will add them here and we will see what happens.

Glenny is a descendent of the Louisiana branch of the family. She is the daughter of Henry Minor Pipes and descends from David Washington Jr., David Washington, David and Windsor. Glenny mentions that David Washington Pipes served in the Civil War and that he wrote his memoirs of the war later in life and we hope to get permission to put those memoirs on this page sometime soon. She would like to share and exchange information.

E-MAIL to : glenny@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu

Kathryn is a descendent of the Pennsylvania family. She is from the Captain John Pipes Jr. line and his son John and his son James Pipes and his son James Pipes Jr.  James Jr. was a soldier in the Civil war and there is a brief Bio of him in the Soldier section. Kathryn would enjoy hearing from others interested in Pipes genealogy and James Pipes and the Pennsylvania family in particular.

E-MAIL to : kathryn@bassett.net

I am a member of the Kentucky descendants of Captain John Pipes Jr. and his second wife Mary Morris; John's son Nathaniel, his son Obediah, his son James, his son Robert and then ME. I am in my early 50's, was born and raised in Michigan and have lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the last 30 years. I am a manager in a manufacturing company, computers are my avocation and I really enjoy the history aspect of family genealogy. I have always enjoyed American history and the fact that my ancestors were so much involved in that history makes it mean so much more for me personally. I enjoy hearing from anyone connected to the Pipes family. Please send me E-Mail here and let me know about you. Let me list your name here and then enjoy communicating with other relatives from around the world.

Send me a Message and I will add your name HERE.......

E-MAIL to : pipesb@pipesfamily.com    (That's ME !)

Jerry is a descendent of the Kentucky branch also, we are both Great Grandsons of Obediah Brumfield Pipes. He was born and raised in Indiana and now lives near Seattle, Washington. I have not met Jerry but his father and grandfather and my father were close at one time during my father's teen age years. He was an educator for several years and now works for the Boeing Company and travels a great deal. Jerry is interested in the Pipes family and enjoys Genealogy and history.

E-MAIL to : pipes2pi@wolfnet.com

Allen is a descendent of Joseph Pipes ( John Pipes Jr.'s oldest son) of SW Pennsylvania. Joseph's son Isaac moved to Knox County, Ohio ( In an area that is now Morrow County). Isaac's son Harrod was Allen's gg Grandfather. Allen lives in Salt Lake and is interested in the Pipes families who lived in Morrow and Knox County, Ohio in the mid 1800's.

Allen has an extensive listing of the descendants of Joseph Pipes on his web site and has added much detail to the descendants who lived in Morrow and Knox Co., Ohio. He has agreed to let me add his details to our Database.

E-Mail to :alpotts@heritagepursuit.com

Alan has a HOME PAGE at    http://heritagepursuit.com/

Michael lives near St Louis Mo., He is 19 years old and will be joining the Navy in January, 97. He is not too sure of his lineage but thinks he is from the Kentucky family. ( He probably descends from one of the brothers who moved to Missouri from Kentucky. Bob) Michael sent me a short tree that shows his Grandfather's name was Rho D. Pipes and that Rho married Catherine Hale. If you can shed some lite on this Rho D. Pipes send E-Mail to Michael. Michael's father is Randy D. Pipes. Many of the men in this line have the letter "D" for a middle name and we were wondering if anyone could explain this tradition.

E-Mail to : No Current Address

David is a member of the Louisiana contingent and descends from Windsor, Charles, Charles Boardman, Charles Thomas and George Dudley Pipes. He is interested in proving the Pennsylvania presence of John Pipes Sr. in the early 1700's. He would enjoy hearing from others interested in that line of research.

E-Mail to :dpipes@concentric.net

Roy is a descendent of Joseph Pipes of SW Pennsylvania and his wife Pamela is the family researcher. Roy descends from Joseph's son William, b.1802/3 in Washington Co., PA; died 28 May 1884 Green Co., PA;   married Nancy Hayden about 1834. They had about 12 children, including:... Morgan Andrew, born 24 May 1836 PA; died 6 Sept. 1914 Yreka, Siskiyou Co., CA; married Lydia Ann Harrod in 1858. They had a daughter, Adeline, born 2 June 1859 in Knox Co., OH; died 8 March 1897 Yreka, Siskiyou Co., CA; married Paul Omer LeMay 21 July 1878 at Ft.Jones, Siskiyou Co., CA. They had several children.... including Addie Belle LeMay, b. 22 Jan. 1879 Yreka, CA; died 15 July 1945 Spokane, WA; married George R. Bulis in 1902. They had several children, including:... Lucille Maurine Bulis, born 1903, married Mathias W. Mulhair. Their daughter Mildred Lucille Mulhair, born 1926; died 1995; married Lee Roy Robinson, Their son....

Roy L. Robinson, born 1943 married Pamela J. Heck (that's me) b. 1946

They would enjoy hearing from anyone concerning the Pipes family in PA and Ohio.

E-MAIL to : robbie4@earthlink.net

Joan has been working on the genealogy of the Pipes family for several years and has some detailed history of the family, especially the family of Jemima Harriman, John Pipes'  first wife. Joan's husband is a great great grandson of Sylvanus Pipes. She would enjoy communicating with anyone  working on the Pipes and associated families. Joan and her husband live in Arizona in the winter and have a permanent home in Colorado Springs. Her mail address is 3165 E. University Dr, # 67,  Mesa Arizona,  85213.

   I have just talked with Mrs. Elizabeth Ellsberry,  (February, 1997) the lady who first published the Pipes Family genealogy books. She tells me that she still has copies of all three of the Pipes  books for sale at $20.00 per copy. See the books list on this site for the titles to these three works. Her address is:  225 15th St., Chillicothe, Missouri. 64601.  Her phone number is:  816-646-4409

Steve is a descendent of Abner Pipes. He is interested in the 28th Louisiana Infantry as his ancestor Wesley E. Pipes served in that unit. Steve has worked on the family history on and off for several years and while he doesn't have time to do a lot of research anymore, he would like to know more about the Civil War side of the family story. Steve also has a web page on the 28th Louisiana Infantry. His ancestor Wesley Pipes was a member of this Civil War unit.   See it at:   http://www.penandsaber.com/grays28th/

Dee is a descendant of John Pipes from SW Pennsylvania. We recently found that John had a son named Windsor who was born in 1798. Dee knew about Windsor but made the connection to John after visiting our web site and then communicating with Kathryn Bassett. She is interested in working with anyone on the Pipes History, especially the Pennsylvania family.

E-Mail  To: dee1234@aye.net

Dee also maintains a Web Page on her family history. See it at:  MY ANCESTORS

Lisa is a descendent of the Louisiana Family, She lives in California with her husband Steve and three daughters. Lisa has done a good deal of work on her line of Abner, his son Joseph, his son Charles Wesley, his son, Samuel Wesley and her grandfather Quincy Burrington Pipes who moved to California.

E-Mail To: No Current Address

Dave and his daughter Rachel are descendants of the Pennsylvania side of the family. They live in Monroe Michigan and have contributed greatly to the Hathaway connection and we are also working on some other important information on the Joseph Pipes story. They are descendants of Joseph's son Daniel and his son Harvey. They would enjoy hearing from anyone doing work on the Pipes Family.

E-Mail To: mckay@gatecoms.gatecom.com

John Hawkins is a descendant of Hiram Pipes of North Carolina. He is the author of an excellent book about the Pipes family and Hiram Pipes. John lives in Lenoir. N. Carolina, not far from where the Pipes' lived in Surry County. Be sure and see his Hiram Pipes story on this web page. Especially if you want to understand the story of John Pipes and how he may have moved to SW Pennsylvania.

E-Mail To: JHawk11321@aol.com

"We have only recently begun a PIPES search, there seems to be quite a bit available. I descend from Abner PIPES and wife Mary through their daughter Anna who married Thomas Flynn. Their daughter Mary Carolyn Flynn married Bartholomew Bennett in 1833 (East Feliciana Parish, LA). Bartholomew died in 1853 and she married Williamson Kitchens. That is where we lost her. Add me to your PIPES research group."

Bart Bennett in Baton Rouge.

E-Mail to: bbennett@eatel.net

Carol is a descendent of Sylvanus Pipes and the Missouri branch of the family. She descends from Sylvanus' son William, his son James and James' daughter Eleanor, who was Carol's Great Grandmother.

Carol lives in Florida and is also very interested in the Missouri Family and would enjoy hearing from anyone who is working on those lines.

E-Mail to: CGarr34@aol.com

Katherine is from the Missouri family and is related through the surname Head. Her grandmother is Louise (Head) Riley, whose father was Russell L. Head. The Heads married into the family of Abigail Pipes and Peter Harmon when  Lucinda Harmon married as her second husband, James E. Head in 1865. This family was from Kentucky and moved to Missouri in the 1800s. Katherine would enjoy communicating with anyone interested in the Missouri Pipes Family.

E-Mail to: keatt@gte.net

Barbara is a descendent of the Kentucky branch of the family and is from  John Pipes Jr's daughter Catherine who married Mitchell Thompson. She is interested in all Pipes family research and would enjoy hearing from any one working at it. She has info on Professor Stith Thompson who did some work on the family in the late 40's and early 50's 

E-Mail to: Barba94144@aol.com

Chris is our first contact with the old country! he is from England and has an interest in the Pipes Genealogy. Chris lives in Manchester, is about 25 years old and does not know a lot of other Pipes' in England yet.

Chris would like to hear from some of us who are working on the family history and he has agreed to share with us any information he might find in English records.

E-Mail to: chris.pipes@btinternet.com

Fred is the second contact from England. He has a genealogy page on the Web and is working on his family history in the UK but has not found a connection to the American Pipes yet.  Please feel free to contact him about the Pipes family.

"If anyone is interested, I have a Heritage Mac file of my family tree back to

just before 1755 (in Derby). No US connections so far, I'm afraid!"

Check out:


main home page: http://www3.mistral.co.uk/pipes

E-Mail To: pipes@mistral.co.uk

Doug is a descendant of the Natchez  and Louisiana Family. His grandmother is Lena Blanche Pipes and he has a new Web Page with family photos. Doug would like to hear from anyone interested in the family.

Web address: http://www.hsv.tis..net/~dougseay/

E-Mail To: dougseay@Traveller.COM

Morgan is interested in Information on a descendant of Joseph Pipes. Joseph had a son named William who was married to Nancy Hayden. Their son Stephen Pipes (1838-1916) married Caroline Chalfant (1833- 1920) and they (Stephen & Caroline) lived in Van Buren, Washington Co. Pa.   Any information on Stephen or Caroline would be appreciated.

E-Mail to: mchalfan@ix.netcom.com

Tracy is a descendant of Hiram Pipes of North Carolina.  We were able to put her Pipes lineage together from her knowledge and John Hawkin's book. She is a daughter of Kevin Pipes, Grand Daughter of Granville Pipes and Ruth Noll and Great Grand Daughter of James Early Pipes and Jessy Walsh. James Early was the son of Henry Granville Pipes and Louisa Hendrix. and Henry was the son of William Riley Pipes, son of Hiram Pipes.  Tracy is joining the Navy in May so we may have to change her address to keep up with her. She would enjoy hearing from any Pipes relatives.

E-Mail to: STING2@aol.com

Burl is a descendant of Samuel H. Pipes of Kentucky ( Samuel was a grandson of John Pipes Jr.).  One of Samuel's sons, John Nathaniel, moved to White Deer Texas and was Burl's great grandfather. ( his picture is on the Photo Page). Some of Samuel's other children went to Montana and to Missouri. Burl is new to the world of computers, genealogy etc. but would enjoy hearing from any one interested in the Pipes family, especially his cousins from the Missouri line.

E Mail to: burl@moment.net

Karen is a descendant of the Kentucky family and is doubly related to me thru the Pipes and the Edwards Family. Karen is lucky enough to live in Lebanon, Kentucky, not too far from Danville. She is a descendant of Morris Pipes and Sallie Montgomery and their daughter Nancy, who married Rufus Hourigan. Karen would enjoy hearing from anyone working on the Pipes family History.

E Mail to: caldwel@kyol.net         Note: New E Mail address as of 02/28/99

Tammy is a descendant of the Louisiana Family  She descends from Abner Pipes and his son Phillip who married Elizabeth Rainey and their son Charles who had a son named George Lafitte Pipes.  She would like to hear from any others who descend from this branch of the Pipes family or have info about the children of George.

E Mail to: TAMLLTAM@aol.com

Anna is a member of the Hiram Pipes line of descent and lives in Tennessee. She has been working on the Marlow side of her family for some time now and recently started working on the Pipes side. She has been in contact with John Hawkins and has learned a great deal about that side of the family. The amazing thing is that Anna has a home page at the Family Tree Maker site that has about 79 pages of Pipes descendants in it. She has agreed to allow us to use the info on the Hiram Pipes line from her site, which will save many, many days of typing and data entry. Anna would like to hear from anyone working on the Pipes family.

E Mail to: amarlow@usit.net

The FTM site is at: www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/a/r/Anna-M-Marlow/ODT4-0001.html

Gene and Ann live in Houston and are descendants of Abner Pipes and his son Phillip Pipes, and descend through Charles Pipes, Uriah Pipes, William Oscar Pipes, Eugene Beall Pipes and Eugene John Pipes. They would enjoy hearing from any other Pipes "Cousins". We will be adding their family info soon.

E Mail to: gp@neosoft.com

Tim is a descendant of the Kentucky family. His line is from John Pipes Jr. to Morris Pipes to Elias Hardin Pipes. Elias Hardin was in the Civil War with my G Grandfather and a brief Bio of him appears on the Civil War Soldiers list. There is also a picture of Elias and his wife Victoria Hourigan on the photos page. Tim lives in Florida and is just getting started entering all of the family data. He would enjoy hearing from any Pipes cousins.

E Mail to: TPipes@aol.com

Shirley is a long time researcher of the Pipes family and was born in Washington Co. Pennsylvania. She has supplied us with many important pieces of information concerning Joseph Pipes of that County.  Joseph's daughter Elizabeth who married Phelan Phillips is her GGG Grandmother. Their son Alexander's picture is on the Photos Page. Shirley would enjoy hearing from anyone interested in the Pipes family. She has a great deal of knowledge and information about the area and the people who lived there.

E-Mail to: shir@azstarnet.com

Sherry has contributed a great deal of information on the line of Joseph Pipes' daughter Elizabeth, who married Phelan Phillips. She now has her own web Page at:    Sherry's Family <http://home.earthlink.net/~dnorton/>

Her line of descent is:

1 Joseph Pipes b: Mar 17, 1763 in Rockaway Twp., NJ d: Feb 23, 1856 in Washington Co, PA

   2 Elizabeth "Betsey" Pipes b: Abt. 1810

      +Phelan Phillips b: 1800-1810 d: Abt. 1842

         3 John Phillips b: Abt. 1826 in PA d: Oct 30, 1863 in Annapolis, MD

           +Melinda Lindley b: 1823 in PA d: Jun 15, 1887 in Morris Twp., PA

              4 Henry Norman Phillips b: May 3, 1849 in Greene Co., PA

                 +Mattie Martha (surname either Carter or Martin) b: Abt. 1855 in Washington, PA

                   5 Orville Garrette Phillips Phelps b: Oct 9, 1877,Ninevah, Greene Co., PA d:Sep12,1943 in Rowsburg, OH

                      +Bertha Marie Penatzer b:Jun 14,1890 Cambria Co., PA d:Feb 12, 1965 in Madison Twp, Richland, OH

                        6 Living


                             7 Sherry Taylor Norton

The tradition has been handed down in my family that Joseph Pipes' grandson, John Phillips, was part Native American. John's son Henry Norman Phillips and his wife, Martha "Mattie," along with some of their children, died in a fire at their home in Morris Twp, Greene Co PA sometime around 1889 or 1890. I would like to hear from anyone who has details about the fire, knows anything about the possibilities of Native American heritage, or is a descendant of Joseph Pipes.

E Mail to:  xhermark@earthlink.net

Sue is a long time researcher of the Pipes family and is a descendant of Abner Pipes and his wife Mary and their son Abner who married Nancy Ferrell in Louisiana. Their son Windsor is Sue's G Grandfather. She is going to send data on his line for the database and would enjoy hearing from any Pipes researchers and will gladly share info. She just started on the net and was very surprised to find us.  

E Mail to:  hartclan@peoplepc.com

Lyne is a descendant of the Missouri Family of Sylvanus Pipes' son William, who married Phillip Pipes' daughter Sarah. Lyne is descended from Parlee Pipes who married Frank Polson in 1848. Lyne would enjoy hearing from and exchanging data with anyone from the Pipes family, especially the Missouri Line.

E Mail to: rickari@southerutah.com

Marcia is a descendant of Joseph Pipes of SW Pennsylvania, his son Daniel, son Jackson, son Lon, son Howard, son Howard. She also has info pertaining to Elizabeth Pipes who married Alfred Clifford Dial. Elizabeth was also a daughter of Jackson Pipes and Drusilla Lauderbaugh. Marcia enjoys working on the family history in her spare time and would enjoy hearing from others. She also has access to a family history center and is willing to share

E Mail to: starrz@ecr.net

I am a descendant of John Pipes Jr. and Mary Morris Pipes, whose daughter Abigail married Peter Harmon in Kentucky. I have done extensive work on the Harmon family in Kentucky from the 1750s to the present and have only recently come upon the Pipes connection and this website. The Pipes and the Harmons intermarried several times. I would be interested in corresponding and/or sharing information with anyone who is connected to the Harmon and Pipes families in Kentucky.

Other Harmon/Pipes marriages: Peter Harmon m.(2) Jane Pipes Gray, Jacob Harmon m. Elizabeth Pipes Shaw, Nathaniel Pipes m. Margaret Harmon. All the above Pipes are children of John and Mary Morris Pipes Jr.; all the above Harmon's are children of Michael and Margaret Trump Harmon.

E Mail To: jennifer_b7@yahoo.com

Larrie is lucky enough to be a descendant of Windsor Pipes but lives in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. She is descended from Windsor's oldest son Abner and his son Isaac Newton Pipes. She is interested in learning more about the McAfee family and the Pipes family. Larrie has been working on genealogy for some time but is new to the internet side of it.

E Mail To: lscurry@kih.net

Evelyn is a descendant of the Louisiana family of Abner Pipes. Her line is from Abner's son Joseph and Jane Grisham and their son William H. Pipes who married Louisa Dutton. William H. and Louisa had several children and lived in Union Parish where they both died at an early age. After their death, one of their sons, William Columbus Pipes, moved to Kansas City, then Chicago and finally Portland, Oregon where he died about 1915. Sometime after leaving Louisiana he changed the spelling of his name to Pypes. Several generations of his descendants have used that spelling. Evelyn has been working on her family history for several years and would love to hear from the Pipes/Pypes family and especially from descendants of Abner.


I am a descendant from the West Virginia Pipes family. I go back to John Pipes Jr. and Jemima Harriman. John B. Pipes and wife Delilah E. Hawkins lived in Tyler County, West Virginia. Their son William Henry Pipes' daughter, Blanche is my grandmother. Would love to hear from any Pipes relative.

(NOTE: Connie Taylor has been a big contributor to the information on the Pipes family from SW Pennsylvania that moved to West Virginia in the 1850's ---RJP)

E Mail to: taylor@in-motion.net

Connie also maintains a web site at:   http://www.angelfire.com/in/cjt

Betty is a descendant of Sylvanus Pipes, his son William, Williams' son James and James' daughter Eleanor Pipes (1829-1892). Eleanor married James Routt and they raised 11 children in Missouri. Betty has shared a picture of Eleanor with us and has also sent  a great deal of info on Eleanor's descendants. We will be adding it to the database soon. She would enjoy communicating with anyone from the Pipes family.

E Mail to: higbee@galesburg.net

A descendent of Abner Pipes (Abraham, James Huey, James Wade, Wade Hartwell, Bert Neil [Father]). He knows where the family cemetery where Abraham and his wife are definitely buried, as well as other Pipes ancestors (possibly including his brothers Philip and Abner). Malcolm would like to determine which members of the family are buried in this cemetery, which does not have grave markers other than simple stones. Especially interested in any Civil War stories and history of William Pipes (son of Abraham), 4th La Infantry and William Washington (son of James Huey), 5th La Cavalry. Would also like any information on James Pipes of 1st La Reserves (was this James Huey Pipes?)

E-Mail to: MPipes@aol.com

Lynda is a descendant of Abigail Pipes and Peter Harmon of Kentucky. Abigail was a daughter of John Pipes Jr.. Abigail and Peter's daughter, Lucinda, married William H. Butler. Lynda is descended from Lucinda and she is interested in the family history and especially the Harmon family. She has the names Tolly, Patterson, and Crane in her family.

EMail to: kids@oz.net

Doris has just started her work on the Pipes family genealogy and lives in Knoxville, Tenn. She is a descendant of the Phillip Pipes branch of the family from Limestone Co., Alabama. Phillip's daughter Abigail married a Shores and the line then is thru Minerva Shores Jackson, Almeda Jackson Davis, Thomas Carr Davis, Effie Lou Davis White ( who is now 101 years old) and Lillian White Jones. Doris would enjoy hearing from anyone interested in the Pipes Family.

EMail to: DJames1040@aol.com

Wanda is a descendant of the Kentucky family of Morris Pipes and Sallie Montgomery. Their daughter Nancy Jane Pipes married Rufus Hourigan, who is Wanda's connection to the family. She would like to hear from others about the history of the family. She was born in Lebanon, Kentucky, but now lives near New York City.

E Mail to: wandacnj@webtv.net

Cindy lives in Kansas City and is interested in the Missouri family of James M. and James A. Pipes who lived in the area of Kirksville and Milan and Cora, Missouri. She is descended from Ralph Pipes, Karol Keith Pipes and her father Gary Wayne Pipes. Cindy recently married Matthew Swatek from Palatine, Illinois. They currently live near Independence, Missouri where Cindy is the Head Volleyball Coach at William Chrisman High School.

E Mail to: csswatek@wcionline.com

Judy is a descendant of the Kentucky family and currently lives in Georgia after retiring as an educator. She descends from John Pipes Jr., Morris Pipes, Elias Hardin Pipes and James Thomas Pipes Sr. and James Thomas Pipes Jr. Judy is working as an Administrative Assistant at the Heard County Chamber of Commerce in Georgia, still likes to work on the family history and would enjoy hearing from other Pipes Cousins.

EMail to: heard2@ofgeorgia.com

Ruth is the wife of Wayne Nevels and they live in Mississippi. Wayne descends from Windsor Pipes and his son Abner and Abner's second wife Delilah Cable, through their daughter Mary Jane Pipes who married Latham Brown. Ruth has been interested in Genealogy for 30 years or more, researching her ancestors as well as Wayne's and is always willing to exchange information.

E Mail to: rknevels@magnolia.net

Bruce lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is descended from Abner Pipes through Phillip Pipes, Charles Pipes, Uriah Clinton Pipes and Paul Bruce Pipes. He would be happy to trade information with new found Pipes "cousins". Bruce is a long time contributor to the Pipes History and was the first to submit valuable info on the Abner Pipes family for the Web Page.

E Mail to: mailto:bevnbruce@comcast.net


Roxanne is a descendent of George Washington Pipes and Mary Elizabeth Pipes and their daughter Amanda Frances Pipes. She has been working on adding details to Amanda's life and has submitted  new info to be added to the Pipes database. Amanda married Henry Smith and then married William Crist and lived in and around Sullivan Co., Missouri. Roxanne would like to know more about William or Henry and would enjoy hearing from other Pipes cousins.

E Mail to: arlis6771@earthlink.net

Debra is a descendant of Abner Pipes, his son Abraham and his grandson, James Huey Pipes, who married Elizabeth Jane Grissom. James's daughter Sarah married into the Collie family. She would like to hear from anyone descended from this connection. Debra and her husband Joe live in King's Valley, Oregon.

E Mail to: fulthasc@proaxis.com

Rebecca is a descendant of the Missouri Family of James M. Pipes and his second wife, Virginia Knifong. Their son Charles married Elvie Bunch and they are Rebecca's ancestors. She currently lives in California after growing up in Missouri and would enjoy hearing from other Missouri cousins and descendants of James M. Pipes.

E Mail to: rapipes@earthlink.net

Barbara is a descendant of Phoebe Pipes(1846- 1909) and Henry Allard who married in August of 1861 in Iowa. Phoebe and Henry lived in Cedar Co., Iowa and had 5 children there before moving to Rooks Co., Kansas after 1871. Barbara has notes from a family bible that says Phoebe's parents were Joseph Pipes(1809-1849) and Hannah Johnson(1811-1878). Census and vital records in Iowa confirm that Phoebe's family is indeed that of Joseph Pipes of Morris Twp., Greene Co., Pennsylvania, who was the youngest son of Joseph Pipes( 1763-1856).

E Mail to: ssmith@efn.org 

Raeann is a descendant of the North Carolina family of Hiram Pipes and descends from James Early Pipes and his wife Jessie Naomi Walsh Pipes. She would love to talk with any of the Pipes family cousins or anyone interested in the Pipes family history.

E Mail to: jyoung80@bellsouth.net

Heather is a descendant of John Pipes Jr. and lives in Seattle, Washington. Her Lineage goes from John Jr. to William to Richard B. who moved to Pike Co., Indiana and then to Kansas and then to Logan Co., Oklahoma. Richard's son William Hallison Pipes (b. Oklahoma) had a son named Ralph Vernon Pipes, (b. Oklahoma d. California). Ralph Vernon is Heather's GG Grandfather. Her grandfather and father are both named Wayne Kent Pipes and they all live in the Seattle area.

Heather and her family would enjoy hearing from anyone from their branch of the family or anyone interested in the Pipes family.

E-Mail to: Hjazz11@aol.com

Don is a descendant of the Sylvanus Pipes branch of the family of Missouri. Don's Great Great Grandmother was Julia Ann Pipes Drake, daughter of David Hull Pipes and Mildred Williams. He would enjoy communicating with anyone from the Pipes family. Don has pictures of Julia and her husband and their grave stones.

E-Mail to: mailto:DBBNE@aol.com

Janett is a descendant of the Phillip Pipes branch of the family of Alabama. She is tied in with ancestors from the Cox family of James Robert Cox who married Mary Jane Pipes and also the family of Minerva Shores who was a daughter of William Shores and Abigail Pipes. Janett would love to hear from other Pipes/Shores/Cox family researchers.

E-Mail to: Angelzfall@yahoo.com

Brenda is a descendant of the Pipes family from Meade County, Kentucky, who are all relatives of John Pipes and Eleanor Slater, of Greene and Washington County, Pennsylvania. John and Eleanor had a son named Windsor who married Christina Sappenfield and raised many children in and around Brandenburg. Brenda would enjoy hearing from any Pipes family members and especially those from Meade County.

E-Mail to: harvey_b@sbcglobal.net

I'm descended from Abner Pipes through his son Joseph, grandson Charles Wesley and Charles' daughter, Laura Pipes who was my great grandmother.  Laura's husband, Marshall Farnell,  passed away at about the age of 25 in 1900.  Laura's mother, Nancy Hearn Pipes, came to live with her for a while until Nancy passed away.  Laura then moved with two of her children, Robin and Blanche to Idaho. Robin was my grandfather. She had two other children, but when her husband died, she had to put them in a children's home and they died there.  This is an obscure part of my family tree and I would like to connect with some family members who perhaps know more of the Louisiana history of my ancestors.

E-Mail to: esteigers@bannerbank.com  

Joyce is a descendant of the Abner Pipes Line. her ancestors are: Abner, Abraham, James Hughett, James Wade, Fred Franklin, and Freddie Pipes. She lives in Choudrant, Louisiana near the "Old Home Place" that was once the home of Abraham Pipes. Joyce is working on her family history and would love to hear from other Pipes family researchers or just Cousins in general.

E-Mail to: JKSnana11@aol.com

Shelly is a descendant of Sylvanus Pipes and the Missouri Branch of the family. Her line is from Sylvanus, James, Mary Elizabeth, James M., James A., and Melvin Pipes. Shelly is just finding out about the Pipes family and would like to hear from others in Missouri or elsewhere. Please let her know if you are aware of Pipes reunions in the Missouri area.

E-Mail to naturelover@mcmsys.com

   Jacquelyn was born in Milan, Sullivan Co., Missouri and now lives in Wildwood, Missouri. She would enjoy hearing form anyone related.  She lists her double connection to the Pipes Family thus:

I am a descendant of John Pipes Jr. & Mary Morris
(daughter) Elizabeth Pipes & Daniel Shaw (1st husband)
James Perry Shaw m. Elmira Crowdis
Eliza Jane Shaw m. Adam Clark Franklin (son of John B. Franklin listed below)
George Daniel Franklin m. Martha Ann Dennis
Bertie Artis Franklin m. Mary Isabella Harris
Living Franklin m. Living Simpson
I am also a descendant of John Pipes Jr. & Mary Morris
(daughter) Nancy Ellen Pipes & John Gray Jr. (son of  John Gray Sr. & Lucinda Jones)
Nancy Ellen Gray m. John B. Franklin
Adam Clark Franklin m. Eliza Jane Shaw (same as above)
George Daniel Franklin m. Martha Ann Dennis (same as above)
Bertie Artis Franklin m. Mary Isabella Harris (same as above)
Living Franklin m. Living Simpson (same as above)

E-Mail to Jsd454@aol.com

I am James A Miller a Pipes descendent
My ancestors are;
John Sr Pipes & Susanna Hathaway of Massachusetts
Captain John Jr Pipes & 1st wife Jemima Harriman of New jersey
John III Pipes & Eleanor (Nellie) Slater - of New Jersey
Abner Pipes & Ann Brown Boreman - of Pennsylvania
John B. Pipes & Delilah E. Hawkins - of West Virginia
Simeon Edgar Pipes & Delilah Michael - of West Virginia
Goldie E. Pipes & Jubal Aaron Miller - of Indiana 
Robert Eugene Miller - Ella Earnest of Indiana
I am Robert's son James I was born in Greensburg Indiana in 1949
I have been doing genealogy research off and on from 1986. Many sites have uploaded my GED files.
I've been more focused on my mother's family (Ringer) for the last few years. My father was an only child and he died when I was 3. The Miller name has proven to be a challenge. I am very interested in any info on my fathers mother's Pipes Family. THANKS
I have a website at http://ringer.tribalpages.com 
 E-Mail to:     Millerja2@gmail.com