Pipes Descendants              Indiana    1845-  

The earliest Pipes descendants to move into Indiana appears to be the children of William Pipes and Nancy Gray. William and Nancy were from Mercer County, Kentucky. William was a son of John Pipes Jr. and Mary Morris and Nancy was a daughter of John Gray and Lucy Jones. The children started moving to Pike County about 1845 and after William's death in the early 1850's, his wife Nancy moved to Pike County to be with her children, and spent the rest of her days there.  Only one of Nancy and William's children remained in Kentucky and that was George Pipes who married Mariah Edwards.

Other Pipes descendants moved into Indiana from the Pennsylvania family and also from the Kentucky family, but most of these were not until after 1880. My Grandfather, James Franklin Pipes was among them as he moved from Marion County, Kentucky to Indianapolis to work in the factories at the turn of the century.