David Pipes;  Maryland   1665

The earliest record of a Pipes entering this country appears in the book " The Early Settlers of Maryland" by Gust Skordas. The records mentioned in the book verify that a man who was of age came  into Baltimore in 1665.  His name was David Pipes and he traded land that was due him for entering the country to make at least partial payment on his transportation costs. This David Pipes disappears and no records to date have proved his whereabouts after this date. It would be convenient to say that he was the father or grandfather of John Pipes Sr. but that has never been proven. John Sr. was born in the early 1700's but that would make David at least 35 years older than when he arrived, or in the range of 50 to 70 years old. Possible, but then what happened to David? Researchers that I have talked to suggest we should look in northern Maryland, between Baltimore and Philadelphia. There is always the possibility that John Sr. emigrated on his own. There is ample suggestion that John Sr. was in Philadelphia and some family legends from Louisiana said that Windsor Pipes was born in 1740 in Philadelphia.