William Pipes; Sylvanus Pipes;  Missouri    1810-  

The earliest record that I can find of a Pipes moving from Kentucky to Missouri appears to be William Pipes and his wife Sarah Pipes ( they were cousins ). They were both born in Kentucky in 1779 according to Mrs. Ellsberry's records. William was a son of Sylvanus and Sarah was a daughter of John Jr.  William and Sarah were married in Kentucky  before 1800 and had 7 children, the first four born in Kentucky between 1800 and 1809, the last three born in Missouri between 1811 and 1819. They reportedly lived in Rochport in 1810. The years between 1810 and 1817 saw many, many of the Pipes family move from Kentucky to Missouri, most of them it appears were the children and grandchildren of Sylvanus Pipes and John Pipes Jr..  Sylvanus appears here in the 1830 census and we assume he died here shortly after that date. No trace of his burial place has been found and it is assumed that it occurred on the home place of one of his children.