John Pipes Jr.   New Jersey    1736-1780  

The earliest record concerning John Pipes Jr. that I have found so far occurs in 1758 in Morris County, New Jersey when John is involved in the Presbyterian Church there. The same type of record occurs again in 1760 when John and his brother Windsor are mentioned in church records. We know that he was born here between 1736 and 1739. John is involved with the Morristown area until at least 1777 or possibly 1780. His oldest son Joseph, states that he (Joseph) was born in Rockaway, Morris County in 1763. John was in the Morris Co. Militia and also in the Continental line from here in 1776. He married his second wife, Mary Morris here in 1777 and in her pension application she states that they left here to move to North Carolina in 1779 or 1780. He appears on a revolutionary census in this area taken between 1778 and 1780. The earliest record of his father, John Sr. being in this area occurs in 1750 when he is mentioned in court records concerning debts in the will of a local man named Stevens. We now know that Susannah Hathaway's father, Abraham and all of his children moved to Morristown in 1736. ( Susannah Hathaway is John Jr's mother.) A more positive date needs to be determined for the arrival of John Pipes Sr to this area.