Pipes Descendants              Oklahoma 1890

The earliest Pipes descendants to move into Oklahoma came after 1890. The Census was not taken in Oklahoma until late in the century and the first complete census was 1900. The first Pipes family in Oklahoma appears to be Richard B. Pipes and his wife Martha Hollen. Richard was the youngest son of William Pipes and Nancy Gray from Marion County, Kentucky. Nancy and almost all of her children had relocated to Pike County, Indiana and in the early 1870's Richard and Martha left Indiana and moved to Kansas where two of their three children were born. They moved on to Logan County, Oklahoma, near the city of Guthrie about 1890.

The other Pipes families in Oklahoma appear to have come there after 1900. In Pontotoc County and in Carter County are two families whose origins are in Texas. The children of James M. Pipes from Texas remain in Pontotoc County near the city of Roff and the children of Abner Pipes, a Civil War veteran, appear in Carter County near Ardmore.

Further work is being done to tie these families back to Texas to determine if they are children of Windsor or Abner Pipes.