John Pipes Sr.   South Carolina   1783 - 1804  

We now know that John Pipes Sr. moved on to South Carolina from North Carolina. For several years I had attempted to find his will or burial place in the Surry Co. area, but in correspondence with John Hawkins (who wrote the Hiram Pipes book), John told me that John Sr. had died in S. Carolina and that he had left a will there in 1804. John relates that the will mentions only his three daughters, who are apparently all married, and his wife Priscilla. He was not very well off at his death and what little he had was left to Priscilla. There is no mention of any of his sons from his previous marriage, and the daughters now appear to be his children. He apparently moved from N. Carolina after 1783 when he sold land in what was then Surry County. John Sr. does appear on the 1800 census in S. Carolina, but was back in Surry Co. in 1795 to appraise the estate of Isaac Southard. Carol Garrett recently uncovered a South Carolina deed that appears to be a gift from John Sr. and Priscilla to their daughters, as it leaves all of their possessions to the three daughters. It is dated June of 1793 and names the daughters as Priscilla, Ruth, and Sarah. The purpose of the deed is unclear, as John lived for another 10 years, but may have been given to encourage the daughters to take care of them in old age or to avoid taxes or to avoid inheritance problems with children from his first marriage.

One question has always bothered me about John Pipes Sr., and that is why, in a time when people commonly had 8 to 14 children, did he only have six children, all fairly close together and then none for many years after? The only reference to daughters from his first marriage is a woman named Susanna in the Hiram Pipes story who is mentioned as a sister to John Pipes Jr. This Susanna later married Samuel Carter and had many descendants in N. Carolina. We have information concerning his first wife Susanna Hathaway and assume that she passed away sometime after 1755 but we do not know when or where. It is possible she died in Morristown before he moved to Surry County, or after his move and before 1783 when he appears to have married Priscilla Bowling, his second wife. We now know of the three daughters  Priscilla, Ruth and Sarah from his will. Note: his daughter Sarah, married Absalom Roe and they were in Spartanburg, S. Carolina with John Sr. and Priscilla in the early 1800's).

On information received from John Hawkins concerning deeds recorded in Spartanburg County, South Carolina and the will of John Sr., it appears that Priscilla's father, John Bowling, (The spelling varies from Boley to Boling to Bowling) deeded 200 acres of land to John Sr. and Priscilla for 1 dollar in 1795. This land was on Shoaley Creek,  a tributary of Lawson's fork which in turn feeds into the Pacolet River. John sold this land to his daughter Sarah in 1803 for $200 dollars. His will was recorded in November of 1804 when he left all of his possessions to his wife Priscilla and in the event of her death to his daughter Sally. His sons in law,  Thomas Walling and Benjamin Lewis and Sally sign the will on the reverse side, in effect not contesting the will and leaving all to Priscilla. ( Note: I am assuming here that Thomas and Benjamin were Sons in Law, no proof has been offered.) We do know that John had 4 females living in his household in the 1790 S. Carolina census, his wife and the three daughters. I have no information on the descendants of these three daughters. This piece of land is west of Shoaly Creek and the creek runs parallel to present day highway 9, which heads north west out of Spartanburg, S. Carolina towards the town of Boiling Springs.