Military Service by Men named Pipes

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WAR of 1812

  • David Pipes - (1790 - 1873) David was the fourth son of Windsor Pipes. He served in the Adams Cavalry which was organized in Natchez before the war of 1812. He was a Lieutenant and served under the command of General Andrew Jackson at the battle of New Orleans. At least one researcher states that this unit, along with three others from South West Mississippi, were part of the famous Mississippi Dragoons.  [ A fairly poor copy of a portrait of him. The portrait belongs to the Pipes Family in New Orleans and is quite larger than this cropped version. This copy was extracted from a newspaper article/picture]

  • Abraham Pipes - ( 1794- 1873) Abraham was the fourth son of Abner Pipes. He was in Capt. William Wood's Louisiana Company in the War of 1812. He was drafted into Wood's Company under the command of General Thomas at Monroe, La, about January, 1815, and was discharged at Baton Rouge on April 1, 1815. This is from records in the National Archives in Washington, D. C.

Philippine Insurrection 1900

  • George Forrest Pipes - ( 1880 - aft 1904) George was the youngest son of Obediah Pipes and Josephine Edwards of Kentucky. He joined the Army in January of 1901 and was sent to Wichita, Kansas and then to Fort D.A. Russell in Wyoming for Artillery training. He was a member of the 13th Artillery. He served in the Philippine Insurrection and wrote letters from there in August of 1904. He was discharged on Dec 28, 1904 at Arrgett Island in California. He was never heard from again by his family. Attempts to learn his fate have been fruitless.

  • Ashel E. Pipes - Ashel is buried at the Presidio In San Francisco and was a career Soldier. My family discovered his grave while visiting the cemetery in 2004. Ashel is a descendant of the Pike County, Indiana Pipes family who were all children of William Pipes of Boyle Co., Kentucky. His father was James Pipes, a son of William. He was a Corporal in the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (U.S. Army) and that unit served in the Spanish American War in Cuba and the battle of El Caney assigned to the 2nd Division of the Fifth Corps. The 3rd Infantry also served in the Philippine Insurrection after the War. Ashel died on May 23, 1899 in the Philippines and was interred at the Presidio in March of 1900. A brief description of his service: 3rd Infantry, Philippine Insurrection and the battle of El Caney and the Fifth Army Corps. A picture of his Gravestone Marker at the Presidio. My son, Jason, recently uncovered this exciting article previously published in a military historical journal concerning the details surrounding Ashel's death. Ashel was the Company "M", 3rd Infantry soldier who died in action that day (May 23rd, 1899) near a place called Maasin. (Updated 12/16/08)     The view from just above his burial site is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. It looks out over San Francisco Bay and Angel Island and the scene there is very serene. My son Taylor took the photos in the short movie below and I used Picasa to make the movie. Copy the http link below and paste it into your browser. Then be sure to select "View in HQ" on the upper right side of the screen when it appears or else it will be pixelated. The movie is about 1 min 30 seconds long with music

  • Ashel Eber Pipes at the Presidio

World War I

  • William Windsor Pipes Jr. - (21 February, - 2 May, 1947) William is a descendant of the Louisiana family of Windsor, Charles and James Windsor. He served in the Medical Corps as a Sergeant. Both of his sons served in WWII, Wylie Barrow and Donald Green Pipes.

  • Charles B. Pipes - ( Apr 4, 1889 - May 5, 1973) Charles is a descendant of Joseph Pipes of Pennsylvania. He was a Dentist and served in the Army Medical Corp as a first lieutenant. He lived his life in Washington, Pennsylvania and was a son of Thompson Pipes and a brother of Attorney Clyde Pipes. His lineage is from Joseph to William to Stephen to Thompson Pipes.

  • Columbus Dewitt Pypes - (1887 - 1921) Columbus descended from Abner, Joseph, William H and William Columbus Pypes. He served in Europe as a Corporal in Company "E" of the 110th Regiment Engineers. This unit was part of the 35th Infantry Division comprised of various Missouri units. After returning from Europe he suffered from Trench Shock and died of an infection in St. Louis, Missouri in 1921. He had never married. (William Columbus Pypes, above, is the son who changed the way he spelled the name to Pypes after 1870.)

  • Delos Edison Pypes - ( Oct. 14, 1891 - May 9, 1975) Delos was a younger brother to Columbus Pypes above and served in the same Division (the 35th) but was a member of the 1st Battalion scouts of the 140th Infantry Regiment, enlisting in June of 1916 at Kansas City. The 140th Infantry, and the 35th Division, which was formed from Missouri and Kansas National Guard units in August 1917 was a key part of the U. S. Army offensive in possibly the greatest battle ever fought with U.S. Troops, the battle of the Argonne. To read more about the history of the 35th Infantry Division, click here. Delos was a Corporal from September, 1917 and then promoted to Sergeant in February of 1918. He was wounded when shrapnel struck his foot and spent some time in hospital during September and October of 1918. His unit returned to the states and was discharged in May of 1919.  His family has agreed to share some great photos of Delos in uniform. Many thanks to Martha, Mary and Evelyn Pypes. These pictures are probably taken during the training period while still in the states.  In Camp       In the studio          With his son, Delos Jr.

  • Ernest Daniel Pipes - ( 1895 - 28 March, 1970 ) Ernest served two years in England during the war as a member of the 824th Aero Squadron. He is a descendant of Windsor, John L., Lewis C., Robert and Robert Farrar Pipes from Texas. A Picture of  Ernest in a family Photo.

  • Lee John Pipes - (1887 - 1969) Lee was the son of William H. Pipes of Alabama and Tennessee. His family are descendants of Phillip Pipes of Limestone Co. Alabama, and Phillips' son John Pipes. Lee John served as a Private in the 34th Division, Company "C" of the 385th Infantry. He is buried in Bolivar Cemetery in Harrisburg, Arkansas.

  • Mastin Lee Pipes - (1872 -1948) Mastin is a descendant of John Pipes Jr., William Pipes, and George Washington Pipes. He lived in and around Lincoln Co., Kentucky and the city of Danville. He served according to his death certificate, probably as a doctor. We are working on finding his records.

  • Oliver Henry Pipes - ( Dec 6, 1877- 11/26/1936) He had relatives living in Yokena, Ca., and registered for the draft in Adams Co., Idaho. His connection to the family is from the N. Carolina family of Hiram Pipes. He lived in Idaho after the war.

  • Alfred Washington Pipes - ( Jan 15, 1877 - Jan 26,1944 ) He registered for the draft in Lemhi, Idaho. He was a son of James Preston Pipes of Sullivan Co., Missouri. I do not have records to indicate that he had active service during the war.

  • William Leonard Pipes - ( Dec 19, 1883 - Mar 6, 1943) He registered for the draft in Wilmington, Delaware. He was Black and his connection to the family or his service record are not known at this time. He is probably connected to the black families that lived in Maryland in the late 1800 census records. He was the first black Pharmasist to be certified in Delaware and worked in pharmacies and drug stores there for many years.

  • Cleveland Pipes - (Feb 20 1889 - March 1971) Cleveland was born in Zionsville, Indiana and served in the Army after being inducted on May 25, 1918. He is a descendant of John Pipes and Eleanor Slater ( from Pennsylvania), John B. Pipes, William H. Pipes and Lovina Wright.

  • Prentiss Lee Pipes - (Oct 3 1899 - Sept 5, 1972 ) Prentiss lived in Texas and attended Thorp Christian College. He served in the Army. He was a descendant of Windsor, John L., David, Isaac Thomas and Louis Ballard Pipes.

  • Hessie Pipes - ( Dec 24, 1889 - ?) He registered for the draft in Sunflower Co., Mississippi. He was Black and his connection to the family or his service record are not known at this time.

  • Jim Pipes - ( Dec 30, 1898 - ?) He registered for the draft in Sunflower Co., Mississippi. He was Black and his connection to the family or his service record are not known at this time.

  • Jim Pipes - ( Dec 20, 1880 - ?) He registered for the draft in Sunflower Co., Mississippi. He was Black and his connection to the family or his service record are not known at this time.

  • Perley Pipes - ( Aug 10, 1880 - ?) He registered for the draft in Sunflower Co., Mississippi. He was Black and his connection to the family or his service record are not known at this time.

  • Clayton Everett Pipes - (Jan 3, 1897 - Feb 4, 1974) Clayton descends from Joseph Pipes of SW Pennsylvania and through Daniel, Daniel and John Morgan Pipes. An Ohio National Guard unit in Mount Vernon became Battery E of the 134th Field Artillery of the Ohio 37th Division, the only group to go to the war as a unit from Knox county. Getting off to an early start on local training, it was mustered into federal service August 4, 1917 with strength of 202 men, sent to Camp Sheridan, Alabama, for training, and sailed for France June 28, 1918. It fought in three campaigns, on defense at Marbache and Pannes, and in offensive action at Bois de Bonseil. The Battery suffered no casualties during the war, but one man, George Gregory, was killed after the Armistice when a dud shell exploded during a battlefield visit. The battery returned to the United States on April 2,1919. Clayton married Melba Belter in 1922 and they lived in Knox County and raised a family of three children. A picture of Clayton. (The picture is of Clayton, Melba and Clayton Jr. taken about 1926.)

  • Charles Ronald Pipes - (Nov 4, 1894 - June, 1969) Charles is a descendant of Joseph Pipes of Washington Co., Pennsylvania. He descends through Isaac Pipes and Elizabeth Biggs and their son  Harrod  and his son Jeremiah. Charles was born in Morrow County, Ohio and was living at 555 Summit St, in Marion, Ohio at the time of his enlistment. He served in the 334th Infantry and also in the 140th Infantry, was in the American Expeditionary Force and was in the Meuse-Argonne. He was honorably discharged in May of 1919.

  • Leonard Ray Pipes - ( Oct 1, 1889 - May 22, 1942) Leonard was born in Knox County, Ohio, a descendant of Joseph Pipes of Washington County, Pennsylvania and descends through Daniel Pipes and Elizabeth Jolly, their son Harvey P. Pipes and his son Daniel Pipes. Leonard enlisted June 22, 1918 and served in Company "K" of the 336th Infantry Regiment and was assigned to the 83rd Infantry Division. He was assigned to the 158 Depot Brigade early in his enlistment and was a member of the Quartermaster Corps. He was promoted to Corporal in August of 1918 and made Sergeant in May of 1919. He was part of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe from September 1918 to July 1919. He was honorably discharge on July 31, 1919. Leonard lived his life in Knox County and is buried in Mound View Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

  • Thomas Asbury Pipes - (May 1895 - Nov 24, 1981) Thomas is a descendant of the North Carolina family of Hiram Pipes. He was born in Buffalo Cove, Caldwell County but was living at 12409 Maple Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio at time of his enlistment in December of 1917. Thomas was a member of various Aero Construction Squadrons during his service. The 406th and  412th Aero Squadrons and the 85th and 34th Spruce Squadrons along with a short time in the 21st Provisional Squadron. Thomas was promoted to corporal in November of 1918 and discharged on 28 January, 1919. The Spruce Squadrons were active mostly in Washington State and Oregon to harvest Spruce used in the manufacture of military Aircraft for the US Army and for European Allies. An interesting article here

  • Warner Lee Pipes - (May 1894 - Jan 21, 1942)  Warner was a descendant of Joseph Pipes of Washington County, Pennsylvania. He descends from Joseph's son Daniel and wife Elizabeth Jolly,  their son Warren and his son Charles M. Pipes. Warner was born in Knox County, Ohio and enlisted in Company "B" of the 45th Engineers there in April of 1918. His residence at the time was 10 1/2 Gambier Street, Mt. Vernon. Warner was assigned to the Coast Artillery and also served in Europe  from July 1918 to June 1919. He was promoted to Private First Class in October of 1918 and was Honorably discharged July 2, 1919. Warner worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for many years after the war and lived in New Jersey until his death in 1942. He was married to Miss Helen Boyle and raised three children.

  • Ragan Hughes Pipes - (1890- 1918)  Ragan Pipes was born November 18th, 1890 in Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pennsylvania. He was the only son of William S. Pipes and Emma R.(Ragan) Pipes. William  Slater Pipes is the youngest son of Washington Pipes and Cynthia Ann Clark. Washington is a son of John Pipes and Nellie Slater. Ragan's WWI Draft Registration card says he was working at General Electric in Erie Pa. in 1917 and had been a member of the10th Pennsylvania State Militia for 5 years and held rank as a Corporal. His enlistment was with Company "K" of the 110th Infantry which was the designation given the 10th State Guard Infantry unit. Ragan was listed as killed in Action in Europe on one on-line list and died of Pneumonia contracted in France in a local newspaper article. War records list his burial site as Suresnes, France and his rank as Pvt. 1st Class. He died February 28th, 1919 at the 61st Base Hospital. He is buried at Suresnes Cemetery, 5 miles west of  Paris, high on Mont Valerien in Plot B, Row 3, Grave 36. Visit the Cemetery Web Site here. Suresnes Cemetery  I have seen records on that indicate his mother was provided a trip to France to visit the grave site sometime in early 1930s. Ragan and his mother were both graduates of Waynesburg College. Here is a link to his picture (its on page 9 in this booklet) and a brief comment about his death and a history of the 10th and 110th in France.

  • Hinkle Joseph Pipes - (April 7, 1898 - October 6, 1918)  Hinkle was the son of James and Mary Pipes, who were living in Madison County, Illinois in 1910. I am working on tying James back to his parents. James was born in 1866 and he says he was born in Kentucky and then Indiana. His birth date is 1866 and then 1863. Hinkle had a brother also named James, born in 1896 in Kentucky. Hinkle joined or was drafted into the 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division and is listed as missing in action on the tablets in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery. He is buried or has a marker at the Cemetery in Romangne, France and his death is listed as October 6th, 1918. 

  • Claude Abner Pipes - (1887 - 1969)  Claude was the son of Samuel Elijah "SE" Pipes and Olvia Vina Sims, who were living in Dallas County, Texas in 1910. Claude and his siblings were all born in Oklahoma territory, in the SW Corner in a little place on the Chickasaw Reservation called Courtney. Claude was in WW I in the Army and was in the 36th and 42nd Divisions. He is a descendant of the Abner and Mary Pipes line from Mississippi and Louisiana. He had two sons that I know of, Clarence A. and Clifford E. If you have info on Claude, please contact me. He was listed as Charles A. Pipes in some records and on Ancestry. I have pics of his grave stone which says he was a WWI vet. He lived in Belton, Bell County, Texas in 1969 when he passed.


World War II

  • Wylie Barrow Pipes - (1925 - 1990 ) Wylie is a son of William Windsor Pipes Jr. who served in World War I. He graduated from Southwestern Louisiana College and served in the 49th Armored Infantry Division. He was stationed in France, Germany and Czechoslovakia. His descent is from Windsor, Charles, James W., and William Windsor. He enlisted September 8th, 1943 In Louisiana and was discharged April 1st, 1946.  He is a brother of Donald Green Pipes Below. The 49th Infantry Regiment was reconstituted in the Regular Army as the 49th Armored Infantry on 18 July 1941 and assigned to the 8th Armored Division. It was activated 1 April 1942 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The regiment was broken up on 20 September 1943, and its elements were reorganized and redesignated as elements of the 8th Armored Division.

  • Donald Green Pipes - (Nov 15, 1922 - 2008) Graduated from LSU in Mechanical Engineering and served as a Captain in the Air Corps as a Pilot. He is a brother to Wylie Barrow above and his descent is from Windsor, Charles, James W., and William Windsor Pipes Jr. He was a U.S. Army Air Corps World War II veteran, serving from April 15, 1944, to May 22, 1946, and was a captain in the 22nd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron. During World War II, he flew reconnaissance missions over Europe in a P-38 and a P-51. The 22nd Squadron was part of the 8th Air Force and the 5th and 7th Recon Groups. They were stationed near Oxford England and took thousands of Aerial Recon photos during the war.

  • William Edward Pipes - (Apr 17, 1922 - June 27, 1944) William Edward was a son of William Nelson Pipes and Nancy Jane Eldridge who were from Meade County, Kentucky. William Nelson, his father, was raised by his grandparents but he is son of James Pipes and a descendant of John Pipes Jr and Jemima Harriman, as are all the Pipes families from Meade County, Kentucky. William Edward married Althea Dell Humphrey in about 1941 and they had two daughters, Margaret and Brenda in the early 1940s. William enlisted in the Army on October 6th 1942. and was KIA in Normandy, France on July 27, 1944. . William Edward Pipes       His Grave Stone in Meade Co., KY        His Story in Detail

  • Donald Eugene Pipes - (June 19, 1912- July 28, 1944) was the third son of Mr. and Mrs. John Pipes, Whitestown, Indiana. After receiving his greetings from Uncle Sam, January 1943, Donald was inducted into service with the 431st Bomb Squadron, 7th Air Forces. Soon he was promoted to Staff Sgt. and received his flying wings. He was assigned to a B-24 bomber as tail-gunner. Donald flew many missions from his base station on the Marshal Islands, and was the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross air medal. The aircraft failed to return from a strike mission to Truk Island on July 28th, 1944. An eyewitness states just prior to the explosion, two parachutes emerged from the burning plane. The week of November 10th, 1945, radio news flashes told of finding 24 American Airmen on the Marshal Islands, believed to be of the 7th Air Forces, all suffering from malnutrition and amnesia, with no identification. Mrs. Pipes sent a letter to the Adjutant General seeking permission to visit the men and possibly identify Donald. Request was denied by the U.S. Government. Donald was the son of John William Pipes, grandson of Simeon E. Pipes, great-grandson of John B. Pipes of Tyler County, West Virginia and great-great grandson of Abner Pipes of Greene Co., Pennsylvania.  The American Legion Post in Whitestown, Indiana is named the Donald E. Pipes Legion Post 410. ( Note: Lineage was corrected on 6/28/99)

                Photo of Donald in Uniform                Photo of Donald in Uniform

  • King W. Pipes - (March 7, 1919 - Dec 20, 1942) King Windsor Pipes was the second son of Randolph Pipes who was the youngest son of David Washington Pipes a member of the Washington Artillery in the Civil War.  King was a pursuit pilot in the 5th Fighter Command and was shot down in the Pacific Theater near Papua New Guinea on December 20, 1942. The name King comes from his mother's maiden name, Claudia Tucker King. A picture of King W. Pipes from the newspaper notice of his death. The New Orleans Newspaper article noting his death.  He is memorialized in a cemetery in the Philippines.

  • Robert Hough Pipes - ( Jene 3, 1936 -July 6, 1960) Robert is descended from: Bishop Newton Pipes in Louisiana. Robert served in the U.S. Naval Reserves, was an Ensign in 1958. Died by accident in service when a Blimp with a crew of 17 went down in the Atlantic about 15 miles from Shore off the New Jersey coast.

  • Walter Hartwell Pipes - ( May 20, 1921- June 4, 2011 ) Walter is a descendant of Abner, Abraham, James H. , James Wade and Wade Hartwell. he served with the Marines and was at Guadalcanal. He died in Ruston, Louisiana.

  • Ben David Pipes - (b. Jan 25, 1925 -Jan 30, 2005 ) He is a brother to Robert Harvey Pipes above. He served in the U.S. Air Force.

  • Ikey Pipes - (Apr 24, 1924 -April 23, 1997) He served in the U.S. Army for 3 years during the war.  Ikey is a descendant of Windsor, John L., David, Isaac Thomas, Isaac Thomas Jr., and Isaac Warner Pipes. His Name is Ikey on his Texas Birth certificate, although his father and grandfather were Isaac and used Ikey as a nick name.

  • Pettis Young Pipes - (Apr 2, 1914 - ?) Pettis served in the U.S. Navy during the war. He is from Texas and is a descendant of Windsor, John L., David, Isaac Thomas and Willie David Pipes.

  • Lloyd Beryl Pipes - (Sept 14, 1919 - ) He was a Lieutenant in Patton's Third Army in Europe, served several years and retired from the Reserves after the War. Lloyd is a descendant of John Pipes Jr., Sylvanus Pipes and their children Sarah and James, Anderson, James P, Albert L. and Loren Beryl Pipes.

  • Keith Edwards Pipes - (Nov 8,1926 - ) Keith served in the Navy in the Pacific Theater during the war. He is a son of Loren Beryl Pipes and grandson of Albert Lawson Pipes of Sullivan Co. Missouri.

  • Truman Byron Pipes - (ca. 1919 - 2004) Truman served in the occupation force in Japan after the peace accord. He is a descendant of John Pipes Jr., Sylvanus and their children James and Sarah, Anderson, James P., and Alvin Pipes. He was born in Missouri but lived his life after the war in the Fresno area of California. I am working on his service record.

  • Charles Taft Pipes - (July 13, 1909 - April 6, 1979) Charles was employed at the Lincoln Bank and Trust Company in Louisville, Kentucky before entering the service in 1943. He fought in World War II and was 44 years of age when mustered in. Charles was in excellent health although older than most of his fellow comrades. His basic training was held in New Orleans with the port battalion. In May of 1944, he was shipped to the European theater of Operations in Company B of the 29th Signal Construction Battalion and there he hit the Beachhead on D plus six (June, 1944, 6 days after D-day). He received the EAME Theater Ribbon with 5 Bronze Stars per WD 00 #33/45, the Good Conduct Ribbon, and also the Victory Medal of World War II. His discharge papers indicate that he was inducted at Fort Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis and that his tour of duty took him to Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe and the Ardennes. The War was over in Europe in 1945 and also in Japan in July of 1945 and he returned back to the States to his job as a Bank messenger. He held this job from 1945 until 1948. Charles than became employed in Louisville as a messenger at Stitzel Weller Distillery in 1948 until his retirement in June of 1974. Charles is a son of Peter Pipes and Nora Hayes of Boyle County, Kentucky.
    A Picture of Charles Taft Pipes in Uniform

  • Thomas Durwood Pipes - (Nov. 29 1924 - Oct 7 1984) Thomas served in the US Navy as a Seaman First Class. He is a descendant of Abner Pipes and the Louisiana Family. He is buried at Forest Park Cemetery in Shreveport, Louisiana. A Photo of his gravestone.

  • Leon Pipes - ( Oct 12, 1925 - Dec 25, 2007 ) Leon is an African American descendent of the Pipes family from Springfield, Kentucky. His sister supplied the info that I have about his military service in the U. S. Navy during the war in the Pacific. He was a Stewards Mate, 1st Class and a Gunner on USS LSM-23. His sister reports that he shot down several Japanese planes while in combat but was never honored for his actions. I will try to find out the rest of his record. A brief description of the LSM-23.

  • Carrol Pipes - (Jan. 1, 1916 - Feb. 16, 1945) Carrol is a descendant of the Kentucky family of William Pipes and Nancy Gray. William's son John moved most of the family to Pike Co. Indiana from Kentucky after William's death and Carrol is descended from John's son Nathan Pipes and Nathan's son Lloyd. Carrol was an Officer in the U.S. Navy when he was lost forever on Feb 16, 1945 at Mariveles Harbor on the Baatan Peninsula in the Philippines. On that day at approximately 0320, his ship (it was an LCS, Landing Craft Support) and the  flotilla which contained his ship was attacked by about 30 suicide boats and by heavy shore-based gunfire that appeared to come from Cabello Island. In a matter of minutes, LCS 7, 26 and 49, after receiving multiple hits, were sunk with the loss of 73 lives, and many more wounded.  A Photo of Carrol Pipes and his son Carrol Pipes Jr. A Web Site exists which has an account of the action that day and also pictures of the LCS(L)(3)-26 while it was being built. See it here at:  Navsource OnLine    and Here:  History of the LCS 26  (Thanks to NavSource for granting permission to link to the site.)

  • Arthur D. Pipes - (1926 - Apr 23, 2009) Arthur Pipes is the son of Ellis Pipes and Winnie Marie Pipes of Lincoln, Morrow Co., Ohio. Ellis was descended from Isaac Newton Pipes, John Pipes, Isaac Pipes and Joseph Pipes of the Pennsylvania family. A veteran named Neal Burdette was kind enough to send info on Arthur's service. They were both sworn in during August of 1943 while Arthur was a resident of Granville, Licking Co., Ohio. A copy of the orders are here. [Page 1] [Page 2

Neal writes: "I think he was assigned with me to the First Company 6th Training Regiment , The Infantry School. We completed basic training about 4 December 1943 and were assigned to various colleges and universities around the country in the Army Specialized Training Program. This program folded in early 1944 and most men were assigned to infantry units for the fighting in Europe....alas, many, many were KIA."   Neal Burdette was assigned to the 101st Infantry Regiment of the 26th "Yankee" Division and was seriously wounded in November of 1944. 

I have located Arthur and his family and he reports that he was in the 9th Armored Division, was in Europe and engaged in the Battle of the Bulge in December of 1944 when he was captured and held POW by the German Army. He was later liberated and served a tour in the US Navy after the war and also served as a Marine.

  • William Robert Pipes - (3 July, 1923 - 30 September, 1969) William is a descendant of Hiram Pipes and his line is Hiram, William Riley, William Rufus and James Carter Pipes. In 1940 William enlisted in the Navy at Asheville, NC and he served thru 1946 on active duty as a Signalman First Class, then until 1954 was on inactive status. During the war he served on the following ships: USS Hornet, USS Solace, USS Dixie, USS Missoula, USS Auburn. He was awarded the following medals for his service: American Area; Victory World War II, American Defense (1 star), European African Area; Philippine Liberation, Asiatic Pacific (5 stars) Good Conduct and the Purple Heart. Here is a photo of William Robert in Uniform. (Thanks to Nancy Lingafelt and Amy Moore for info and pictures)

  • Curtis Aven Pipes  (1926 - 1994) Curtis is a descendant of John Pipes Jr. and Sylvanus Pipes thru Elizabeth, James and Mary Pipes to George Washington Pipes, James M. Pipes, Jonathan William, and Seaman Curtis Pipes and is from Adair County, Missouri. His name appears on a Veterans memorial in Adair County. If you have other info on his service please share it with me so we can honor his service. He enlisted in Fort Leavenworth Kansas on October 4th, 1944. So he may not have been sent overseas before the end of the war.

  • Elmer E. Pipes  (1919 - 1989) Elmer is a descendant of John Pipes Jr. and Sylvanus Pipes thru Elizabeth, James and Mary Pipes to George Washington Pipes, Anderson Pipes, John Webster Pipes and  George Arthur Pipes and is from Adair County, Missouri. His name appears on a Veterans memorial in Adair County. If you have other info on his service please share it with me so we can honor his service. He enlisted on January 19, 1945 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas but was not assigned a service branch on his record. He was honorably discharged within 3 months due to disease or illness.

  • William Riley Pipes (21 June, 1921 - 6 September, 1942) This article describes the recovery in 1994 of a PBY Catalina that crashed into the South Pacific in 1942 and all crew aboard were lost. Petty Officer 2nd Class William R. Pipes was among the crew. He was the Radioman in the crew.  I recently discovered that he was a son of Charles Jefferson Pipes an descends from The Abner Line thru Phillip, Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Charles Jefferson Pipes. William was born in Terrell, Kaufman Co., Texas and his family later migrated to the Lawton Oklahoma area. He is remembered on a memorial wall of Missing in Action in Hawaii and has remains in Hickam Field on Oahu and also in Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

  • John Henry Pipes (1924 -2012 ) John is a brother to William Riley above and also born in Texas. John Henry Pipes served with distinction in the 7th Army,95th Infantry Division and the 359th Field Artillery on the drive across France, Belgium and especially serving as a battlefield engineer assisting in preparation and constructing the many pontoon bridges it took to cross the Rhine enabling men and resources to invade Berlin and the Balance of Germany. During the actual crossing he repeatedly ferried numerous soldiers across the Rhine while under intense defensive German 88 fire; he was one of many who drove long narrow boats with outboards carrying 10 or 12 men to the other side. During this crossing operation he exposed himself to heavy fire while rescuing a wounded soldier; he received the bronze star for distinguished actions; He was also part of the American forces that met the Red Army halfway on a bridge as they all shook hands and smokes while completing the loop around Berlin; He continued to serve in the Army Reserve as an Artillery Major for the next thirty years. He also worked civil service at Fort Sill for 32 years. John lives in Lawton, Oklahoma. His son is working with him to get information on his brothers Glenn and Charles who also served in WWII.

  • Byron Ransdell Pipes (1910 - July 18, 1998) Byron is a descendant of Abner, Phillip, Charles, Thomas Washington and Arthur Pipes. Byron's son, Arthur Ransdell "Randy" Pipes, sent the detailed information and the wonderful pictures of Byron's Military Career. Byron started his career in the ROTC at LSU in the late 1920s and served in the 23rd Infantry Division. Randy reports "My dad was selected out of the US Army to serve in the AAF in '41, went to OCS, and became a stateside technical training officer during the war years. He continued to serve with the AAF in Guam and Okinawa directly after the war, and in Ernest Harmon AFB (Newfoundland) and several bases in the states after the USAF was created. He retired as a Major from Barksdale AFB after he moved our family back to NW Louisiana, where he and my mom originated." Military Career of Byron Ransdell Pipes.

  • Joseph Edward Pipes (1925 - 1995) Joseph was the son of Rex Aubrey Pipes of Louisiana. A descendant of Abner Pipes, Joseph, Charles Wesley, Joseph Edward and Rex. I contacted his son Joe Jr in 2009 and he told me that his father served 20 years in the Navy, enlisting at the end of WWII and served thru the Korean war and into the early 60s. Joe E Pipes served on the Coral Sea and also the Anzio.

  • Joseph Lester Pipes Jr. (1920 - 1989) Joseph was the son of Joseph Lester Pipes and Edna Noland of Louisiana. He was a twin with his sister Edna Dell Pipes. A descendant of Abner Pipes, Joseph, Charles Wesley, Joseph Edward and Joseph Lester, he was a first cousin to Joseph Edward above. Sgt. Joe L. Pipes Jr. was a Marine and a Gunnery Commander in WWII. His name and his gun crew appear in several books and movie clips about the landing of the 5th Marine Division and their fight on Iwo Jima. His gun crew named their 105mm Howitzer the "Glamour Gal" and fired the first cannon shells from the beach during the landing. Joe was awarded the Silver Star and served time in Japan after the war as part of the occupation forces. He died in San Diego in 1989.

  • Russell Woolsey Pipes (1899 - 1991) Russell was the son of Nathan Pipes and Emma Woolsey in Pike County, Indiana. His ancestry is John Pipes and Lydia Morton, then William Pipes and Nancy Gray, then John Pipes Jr and Mary Morris and finally John Pipes Sr and Susannah Hathaway. Russell was born in Pike County and lived for short times in California and Florida he died in 1991 and is buried in Pike County. During his life he was married twice for very short times and never had any children that I am aware of. He served in the Army in WWI and WWII but both enlistments were towards the end of hostilities and he was discharged with honors each time after serving for a few months stateside.

  • Russell Byron Pipes (1905 - 1977) Russell Byron Pipes was born in Gambier, Knox County, Ohio in 1905 and His ancestry is from  James Knox Polk Pipes and Julia Woolison and then from Jackson Pipes and Drusilla Lauderbaugh, then Daniel Pipes and Elizabeth Jolly, then Joseph Pipes and Susannah McVey, then John Pipes Jr. and Jemima Harriman, then John Pipes Sr and Susannah Hathaway. Russell served in the Army as a Tec 5 during WWII. I am still working on his military History.

  • Grady Richard Pipes (1920 - 1943) Grady is a descendant of the Hiram Pipes branch of the family. He was a son of Charles Johnson Pipes and Nerva Henderson. Born in 1920 in Virginia, he enlisted 12 January, 1942 at Fort George Meade in Howard Co., Maryland. He died on April 5th of 1943 and is buried at Arlington Cemetery. His records are very slim and do not tell us how or where he died, but they do say he was in an accident and not killed in battle. He held the rank of Corporal and was in the 817th Engineers Battalion HQ Command. His remains were re-interred in Arlington Cemetery on June 18th 1948.

  • Billy Thornton Pipes (1924 - 1943) Billy was the son of Thomas Fletcher and Jennie (Chamblee) Pipes. Billy descends from the Abner line and is a grandson of Charles Price Pipes. He was a member of the Navy Reserve and was activated from Dallas, Texas and served in the Pacific. The only details I have found indicate that he died after he was reported missing on Aug 13, 1943 ( some records state 1944). His body was not recoverable and his name is on a memorial monument at Fort William McKinley south of Manilla, Philippines. If you know more about him, please contact me.

  • Elmer Lee Pipes - (1921 - 1969) Elmer is a descendant of Hiram Pipes and his line is Hiram, William Riley, James Hiram and Zeb Vance Pipes. Elmer's Father moved back and forth from Virginia to North Carolina and had 11 children. Elmer, born in Virginia, was a Pvt. in Co "D" of the 36th Infantry Training Division. When he passed away he was buried on July 31st, 1969 in Winchester National Cemetery at Winchester, Virginia.

  • David Spragg Pipes - (1919 - 1990) David is a descendant of Herman Pipes, Thomas Clark Pipes, Washington Pipes, John Pipes III, John Pipes Jr and John Pipes Sr. Davis enlisted in the Army Air Corp in 1942 and completed Bombardier training and was transported to England in early 1945 where he was in the 8th Air Force, 95th Bomb Group and the 336th Squadron. He flew in B-17s and flew several Combat Missions over Belgium and Germany. He never married and had no children and died in 1990 in Florida. His Flight Crew Picture is Here.

  • Glenn Harden Pipes - (1923 - 1985) Glenn is a descendant of Hoke Smith Pipes, Henry Taylor Pipes, Elias Harden Pipes, Morris Pipes, John Pipes Jr. and John Pipes Sr. He was born in Atlanta in 1923 and served in WWII and in Korea. A fascinating story that I am still working on, but he was a 1st Lieutenant Fighter Pilot in WWII in the Army Air Force and flew one of the first P-51B Fighter Planes to be flown in combat in 1944. He was shot down over Magdeburg, Germany on May 28th 1944 and survived but was captured and held in Stalag Luft 3 POW Camp. He Lived thru the POW Experience and was later returned to Service and served in the Japan Occupation and left the Air Corps in 1949. He later joined the Army during The Korean War but I am still working on that part of his life. He was married and had children and lived in Florida until his death in 1985. He was in the 9th Air Force and the 353rd Fighter Squadron and 354th Fighter Group stationed in Lashenden Air Field in Kent, England during WWII. 

  • Joseph D. Pipes - (1906 - 1954) Known most of his life as 'JD' he is the son of Samuel E Pipes and Vina Simms Pipes. He was born in Hewitt, Oklahoma Nov 25th, 1906. He is a descendant of Abner Pipes, John Pipes, Abner Pipes and then Samuel E. Pipes. JD joined the US Navy in 1923 and retired from the Navy in 1953. He served in WWII and in Korea and passed away 9 months after retirement at the age of 48. During WWII he served as Radioman First Class and Chief Radio Electrician on ships Enterprise (twice), Essex, Hammondsport and probably others. He married Elizabeth Mary Meixel while at Norfolk NAS in November of 1942. He is buried in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, Ca. His wife Elizabeth died in 1995 and is buried with him there. I found no children born to JD and Elizabeth.


Korean War

  • Paul Ray Pipes - (Oct 1. 1928 - ) Paul served in the Korean Conflict while in the U.S. Infantry. He is a brother to Ben David Pipes and to Robert Harvey Pipes who both served in WW II.

  • Steven Pipes - (Feb. 26, 1927 - Nov., 1993) I do not know much about Steven. I found out about him because he is buried in a National Cemetery near my home and I found his name by accident. He lived in the Chicago area, served in Korea and died at the Veterans Hospital here on the grounds of Wood National Cemetery in 1993. A search for his military record so far has been hampered by the fire that occurred at the records center in St. Louis in the mid 90's.

  • Louis Vaughn Pipes - (Nov 4 1928 - ) Louis was drafted and served two years during the Korean War. He was a member of the Army Band and played the Baritone horn. Did not spend time in Korea.


  • James Lee Pipes Jr. - (1944 - 1968) James is a descendant of John Pipes Jr. and is a son and grandson of veterans of both World Wars. His father is James Lee Pipes Sr., and  his grandfather is Mastin Lee Pipes. James Lee was in the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam when he was killed. His death was attributed to Artillery fire on a barracks or a land mine beneath a truck according to various accounts of men who served with him that were made to his family. He enlisted Dec 2, 1967 and was killed just 3 months later, on march 5, 1968 in Thua Thien, Hue Province. |
    He attended Highland Springs High School in Henrico County, Virginia, near Richmond and had not married when he joined. His name is on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC, Panel 43E, line 10.

  • Kenneth Pipes - (1937 - ) Ken is a descendant of Abner Pipes, Phillip, Washington, Andrew J., Marshall M., and Roy Jackson Pipes. He was in the marines and served in Vietnam as the commander of a rifle battalion and was an Assistant Operations Officer. Ken lives in California and visits this site often. In May of 1999, Kenneth was gracious enough to take the time to prepare a brief summary of his outstanding military career. I have extracted the portion relevant to his service in Vietnam for this page but the entire story may be seen under his name in the descendants of Abner Pipes report on the main page.
    Ken joined the Marine Corps in 1957 and served in a Reserve, 90MM, Light A/A Gun Battery located in Fresno, Ca. Upon graduation from Fresno State College with a degree in U.S. History, He was commissioned a Marine Infantry 2nd Lieutenant. During the next 22 years he progressed through the ranks, retiring in 1982, still an infantryman, as a Lieutenant Colonel. He served as a Platoon Commander and Commanded 3 Companies; 2 in combat while in the Republic of Vietnam and was a Battalion Combat Operations Officer, also in RVN.
    His RVN duty was with the 1st Battalion, 26th Marines from Aug. 1967 to Sept. 1968, which included the 1968 TET Offensive. The Battalion was, for 13 months, involved in heavy and sustained combat throughout Northern and Central I Corps. He commanded B Company, 1/26, before, during and after the 77 day Siege of the Khe Sanh Combat Base. On March 30th, 1968 his Company launched the first offensive action outside the base perimeter since commencement of the NVA attack on January 20th. The company overran the heavily reinforced and entrenched NVA 66th Battalion of the 304th Hanoi, Iron Division. Marines of Company B armed with rifles, machine guns, flame-throwers, satchel charges, antitank rockets, grenades and bayonets fought into the enemy trenches, bunkers and command posts; killing approximately 120 and wounding many, many more. This battle has been described in Marine Corps Historical documents as one of the only and most successful bayonet attacks of the entire Vietnam War.
    For their heroic actions on March 30th, Marines of the Company were presented: 2 Navy Cross', 10 Silver Stars, 14 Bronze Stars, 2 Navy Commendation Medals and well over 100 Purple Hearts.
    A few days later the unit received the following message from Gen. Westmoreland:

    During his military career Colonel Pipes was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star W/Combat V, Meritorious Service Medal, Purple Heart, and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry Medal W/ Bronze and Silver Star. During the period Aug. 67 to Sept. 68 his Regiment, including his Battalion, received three Presidential Unit Citations.

  • David Gordon Pipes - ( June 24, 1942 -   ) David is the eldest son of Gordon Moore Pipes of the Missouri family. He is descended from John Pipes Jr., Sylvanus, their children James and Sarah, then Anderson, James P., Alvin Pipes and Gordon Moore Pipes. David is now retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and is currently serving as a missionary in Singapore with his wife Genelle. He has a remarkable military career and he and his son Greg have provided me with some of the details of his service.

David entered the Army in 1965 and received his commission as an armor officer through Officer Candidate School in 1966. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam as an Army Aviation Officer, piloting Huey Helicopters with the 1st Aviation Brigade during the first tour and was commander of HH troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division during the second tour. David logged over 1000 combat missions and 1200 hours of combat flying time. This remarkable record earned him many awards, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star with a Valor device, 37 air medals and probably others which he has not mentioned. He moved from active duty to the reserves in 1978 after 12 years of duty. He continued service, commanding a battalion in the reserves until retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1999. 

  • Howard Joseph Pipes - (June 9, 1948 - ) Sgt. Joseph Pipes was a soldier with the HHC 2nd Brigade, First Air Cavalry Division that was located in Lai Khe Vietnam in May 1969. Joseph worked as a Communications Center Specialist at the base camp’s Communications Center typing classified documents via Teletype and receiving messages. In August, 1969 Joseph was sent to Fire Support Base "Buttons" to setup a communications center there before the 2nd Brigade moved. The Brigade’s mission was to protect that province capital, to locate and neutralize the 5th VC Division, and to interdict enemy movement in Phou Long Province. The Battle of Phou Long, a desperate sapper attack that the NVA launched against FSB Buttons occurred on November 4th. The Americans repulsed the attack, and 63 NVA died. Joseph was there in the battle that started at 1:30 a.m. and continued until dawn without firing his weapon or being injured.
    Joe Pipes is a descendant of the Kentucky Pipes Family. His father was James Stanley Pipes and his grandfather, Peter Pipes, was born in 1858 in Marion Co., into the household of Nathan Waters Pipes. Peter married Nora Hays in 1893 and they raised 8 children in their home in Deatsville, Nelson Co.
    Joe is retired and owns a Photography studio in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. A picture of Joe Pipes.

  • William Ronald Pipes - (1948 - 2006) William is a descendant of Hiram Pipes and his line is Hiram, William Riley, William Rufus, James Carter Pipes and William Robert Pipes (see WWII Veterans). William joined the Marine Corps when he was 17 years old and was sent to Viet Nam in 1968. He was shot in 1969 and awarded the purple heart and returned to the states for treatment. His daughter Amy says he was a Marine thru and thru. Here is a picture of young Marine William Ronald Pipes.

  • Jerry L Pipes  ( )  I do not have complete family  info on Jerry L. Pipes. He was a SP4 Army and was a member of H Battery (SLT) of the 29th Field Artillery. SLT is a Searchlight Unit and from this web site I found Jerry's name. The Regimental History Page     Provided this information: Bty H (SLT), 29th Artillery supported operations in the IV Corps area. Headquartered at Can Tho, its platoons and sections were scattered throughout the region:
    The 1st Platoon was based out of Bac Lieu, in support of the 21st Division (ARVN).
    The 2nd Platoon was based out of Dong Tam, in support of the 9th Infantry Division.
    The 3rd Platoon was based out of Vinh Long, in support of the 7th Division (ARVN), and the 5th Special Forces.

  • Robert Eugene Pipes  ()  I do not have complete family  info on Robert Eugene Pipes. He was from Adair Co., Missouri and his name is on a memorial there to Military Veterans. Please help if you know more about this Veteran so we can honor him properly.

  • Randall A. Pipes  () I do not have complete family  info on Randall A. Pipes. He was from Adair Co., Missouri and his name is on a memorial there to Military Veterans. Please help if you know more about this Veteran so we can honor him properly.

  • Michael Pipes (1950?- 1979) I found this reference to Michael on a web site remembering Viet Nam Veterans from the state of Maine written by his sister Susanne Trumble, Danville, Maine: Michael Pipes graduated from Island Falls High School in 1968. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the US Army. After boot camp he went to Saigon, Vietnam. Serving from 1968-1971. In 1973 he married Bonnie Brewer and was the father of Michael Jr. and Michelle. On Dec. 28, 1979 he died in a Mill accident in Patten. Maine.

  • Earnie Lawrence Pipes (1949 -  ) Earnie was a member of the 101st Airborne and served in Viet Nam from December of 1969 to December of 1970. He was decorated and earned the Purple Heart. Details provide by his son Richard. Earnie's ancestry is from the line of Phillip Pipes and the Limestone Co., Alabama family of John Pipes and Mila Emaline Adams, their son William Pipes, son James Pipes and Beulah Duty of Arkansas and their son Charles James Pipes.

  • Charles Dewayne Pipes ( 1945 - )  Charles is the older brother of Earnie Lawrence Pipes above and he also served in Viet Nam in the 1969 to 1970 period. I am working on further details of his service. A recent email (October 2011) from Carol Pipes says that Charles was a Marine and served in the 7th Engineering Battalion, enlisting in 1963, served in Viet Nam from August 1965 to September 1966, While in country he served around Da Nang and Chu Lai, building Bridges and Airfields. Charles mustered out in 1967.


Desert Storm - Desert Shield

  • Gordon David Pipes - (1970 - ) Gordon is a son of David Gordon Pipes who served in Vietnam. He was with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Desert Storm. He first served as a M1A1 Combat Tank driver and was then transferred to a scout unit where he drove a Bradley Fighting Vehicle during combat situations.

  • Steven Dale Pipes - (1972- ) Steven is a descendant of the Missouri family and was born in Adair County, a son of Orville Pipes and grandson of George Earl Pipes. Steven is currently in the USMC holding rank of SSGT. He served in the Gulf War and was with one of the first units to land in Somalia in 1992.

  • James Neal Pipes - ( July 12, 1955 - ) James was at Port Jubail and Bahrain during Desert Storm and Desert Thunder from beginning to end. He was with VMGR 452 Mag 42 (det) 4th MAW USMC. James held the rank of Sgt and worked on KC130T aircraft which refueled fighters, provided para-drops for special forces (all countries) and performed low level intelligence intercept. James is a descendant of Windsor Pipes, John L., David, Isaac Thomas, Willie David, Willie Brann and James Neal Pipes.

Afghanistan and Iraq

  • Daniel Fletcher Pipes - (1963-  ) Dan is an Army Lieutenant Colonel, (Update 2016: Dan is now a Full Colonel) currently serving as a member of the Vermont Army National Guard. He is qualified as an Infantry and Armored officer and has commanded both. Until recently, Dan was the Chief of the Training Division of the Army Mountain Warfare School and is currently the Commander of the 1-124th Infantry Training Battalion. He is also an Airborne Ranger, and has a long list of career accomplishments which includes graduating from the Command and General Staff College. He has served in Canada, Macedonia, France, Switzerland and recently completed a tour in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan assignment commenced in June of 2003 at the Kabul Military Training Center and the mission was to create an Afghan Army. Working under less than ideal conditions in a country devastated by years of conflict, his unit trained over 3000 Afghan Army troops, set up a permanent training process that is still being used and he personally mentored several Afghan Brigade and Army level Officers. Daniel is a descendant of the Hiram Pipes family of N. Carolina. His line is through Buddy Rodgers, Fred, James, William and Hiram Pipes. An Update sent to me by Dan in 2016: He now works with the Office of Security Cooperation, Iraq. Stationed in Baghdad with Centcom and no longer in 10th Mountain Division. In the last couple of years he worked in Western Afghanistan in places like Herat, Bala Murghab and Shewan and has over 28 missions in the Balkans, He spent time in West Africa and  in between assignments has been the Strategic Planner and Chief Logistics Officer for the Vermont Army National Guard. Ask me for his email contact and I will put you in touch with him. Don't want to put it here. Because SPAM.

  • William "Rusty" Pipes - (1962-  ) William joined the Navy at 17 years of age in 1979 and retired as a Chief Petty Officer. He was a rescue swimmer and received numerous medals including the Navy Marine Corps Medal for heroism while being involved in the rescue of 12 men from the sinking ship MV Bisimi in the Persian Gulf in the late 90's. He is currently a contractor working in Bagram, Afghanistan as a helicopter mechanic in support of operation Enduring Freedom.

  • Gregory Pipes  - (1975  -)  Gregory Pipes is a son of David Gordon Pipes who is listed in the Viet Nam section. Greg  served in Afghanistan from March 2005 to February 2006. he flew the CH-47D Chinook on combat, logistical resupply, and maintenance test flight missions. While there he earned the Air Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal. The HSM is from his support of the Pakistan earthquake relief mission. he also served as a maintenance platoon leader then company commander of the Headquarters Company of the 12th Aviation Brigade.