CENSUS DATA 1790 to 1900

Some comments about this data:

I have gathered this data over  quite a few years now. It comes from many sources. Some of it has been checked out by myself, but not all of it, So Trust But Verify, ALWAYS!!! Use it as clues to further look at and check out.

Please feel free to take the data for your own use or pass it on to family members. BUT PLEASE Do Not upload these files to other commercial web sites like Ancestry or Heritage.

I have other census years from 1790 to 1880 that I will be uploading in the near future.

Please do not send me angry emails about mistakes or typos in the data. I make mistakes, The census takers and transcribers over the years are notorious for errors and misinterpretations.  I do this as an avocation and its free.

You can find the original census records in several places on the web, Familysearch.org is just one of them.

As always, please feel free to ask me questions or if you want help, I am always happy to help if I can, or share other data I have about the Pipes families. Please semd me info about your family from before 1900.



The Complete 1900 US Census of the Surname Pipes With Enhanced Color Formatting and Error Checking. 1201 Persons in this file, indexed by state and family. The US Population in 1900 was 76.3 Million.

The Demographics of The 1900 US Census of the Surname Pipes

Census & Tax Entries - 1771 - 1920s This was an early attempt of mine to list the early Pipes families.

Kentucky Deaths 1911-2000  From a database that was compiled by the State of Kentucky and since discontinued.

Kentucky Births 1911-2000 Same as above

Persons Born Before 1900  Extracted Pipes Surnames From the Social Security Death Index of 1937 to 1995.





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