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If you have photos that you would like to share, send me a good copy, and I will scan it in and display it. Who has a picture of the oldest Pipes Ancestor? To get GOOD copies, take your photos to a copy center that has a high resolution COLOR copier. ( even if they are black and white) .They make excellent copies and the cost is very low.  If you send me a photo for this page, please send a brief explanation of who this person is, what branch of the family they are from, something about the picture Etc. I may have to rotate some of the pictures from time to time as I only have so much space available.    ENJOY!!!  And Let me know what you think of this page.

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Jackson Pipes ( 1852 - 1912) and His wife, Elizabeth Ashcraft. Picture taken about 1895. He is a son of Harvey Pipes, a grandson of Daniel Pipes and a  great grandson of Joseph Pipes of Greene Co. Pennsylvania. Picture from Dave McKay.

 Sue March: She is a  daughter of Sarah Jane (Pipes) March (1847 - 1926), a granddaughter  of Daniel Pipes, and a great grand daughter of Joseph Pipes, of Greene Co. Pennsylvania. Photo from Dave McKay.

   Sarah (Pipes) McKay:  (1849 - 1922) She is a daughter of  Harvey Pipes, a granddaughter of Daniel Pipes and a great grand daughter of Joseph Pipes of Greene Co. Pennsylvania. Photos from Dave McKay  The younger photo was taken  about 1869, The older one appears to be about 1910.

  A group Photo of  3 more of the 7 children of Harvey Pipes taken about 1921. Harvey Pipes was a son of Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes was a son of Joseph Pipes ( 1763 - 1856).  From Left to right they are: Daniel Pipes ( 1847? -), his second wife Tina Pipes, Sarah (Pipes) Mckay, Susan Pipes wife of David Pipes and David Pipes. Daniel, Sarah and David are brothers/Sisters. Daniel's wife Mary was his cousin and a daughter of Windsor Pipes. David's wife Susan was also a cousin, but I am nor sure of her father. This photo was taken about 1927. Photo from Dave McKay. ( Please note that edits to the above paragraph were made on 04/30/97 adding dates and the mention of Daniel's second wife, not his first wife))

 A new picture of Nathaniel Pipes from Burl Pipes of Johnson City, Texas. Burl has corrected our previous dates for Nathaniel's death. It was 1946, not 1956, so he was 88 years old at his death. His complete name was John Nathaniel although he went by Nathaniel all of his life.

  Nathaniel Pipes (Nat)  and James Richard  (JR) Pipes:   These two fine gentlemen were the sons of Samuel Pipes (1825 - 1910). Samuel was a son of Nathaniel Pipes (1783 - 1864), Nathaniel was the oldest son of John Pipes Jr. and Mary Morris. Nat ( 1857 - 1946 ), was born in Danville, Ky. and lived in White Deer, Texas. JR was also born in Danville and lived in Bates Co, Missouri. They both lived to be quite old. Photo  from Mary (Pipes) Moroney. That's Nat on the left and JR on the Right.

A family photo  JR Pipes and his wife Minnie Pipes and their children in birth order. JR, Minnie, Byron, Ray, Ralph, Deane, Max, Helen, Herbert, Samuel, Lucille and Clyde. Probably taken about 1923. The youngest was born in 1911 and looks to be about 10 or 11 year sold. The picture was taken in Bates Co. Missouri on the Family farm near Altona. This picture was sent by Mary Margaret Pipes Moroney, a daughter of Byron. I later learned this  farm was a Scully-Lease farm, Thanks to a grandson, Larry A. Pipes.

         The Old Union Church at the cemetery near Perryville and Gravel Switch, Kentucky. This church was built by the Doctor's Fork community about 1801. It served until 1921 as a church for the Presbyterians, the Baptists, the Methodists and others in the neighborhood on alternating Sundays. In 1921 the Baptist took it over solely. It survived until about 1971 as the Union Baptist Church, when it was torn down. The cemetery still exists and there is an association to care for the property. The graves of many Pipes, Harmons and Grays reside here, including our John Pipes Jr. and his wife Mary Morris. These pictures are from a newspaper article, so I apologize for the quality.

More Photos from the old Union Cemetery. These are from Barbara Thompson Klein. They include good shots of the grave markers for John Pipes Jr. and Mary Morris Pipes, a shot of the cemetery and one of the marker monument that was placed there by the family association after the church was torn down.


   James Franklin Pipes and his Wife Florence Rains:  James (1876 - 1945) was  my grandfather and the son of Obediah Brumfield Pipes ( 1835 - 1892 ). Obediah was another son of Nathaniel Pipes( 1783 - 1864) and Nathaniel was a son of John Pipes Jr..   Florence ( 1891 - 1940) was my Grandmother and the grandparent that I wish I could have known. I have many beautiful pictures of her.

  A  Very Famous Street in Natchez, Mississippi.   Sent to us by Steve Pipes.

   Isaac Thomas Pipes  and his wife Louisiana (Stone) Pipes:    Isaac was born in 1840 and Louisiana was born in 1844. These pictures must have been taken about 1865. They were married in November of 1864 so possibly they were taken then. Isaac served in the Civil War and was at Vicksburg on that fateful day in July of 1863. There is more info on this couple on the Civil War veterans page. Many, Many thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kilbourne and their son Tresy for allowing us to share these beautiful pictures.

   Robert Edward Lee Pipes:   Robert was a son of Isaac and Louisiana Pipes, born in 1871 in Clinton La. He married Ethel Easly in 1901 , lived the rest of his life in Texas and raised 4 children; Nina, Gladys, Martha and Robert Lee.  He passed away on April 2, 1936 in Dublin, Texas. Thanks for this one also goes to the Kilbournes.

         William Obediah Pipes.  (1878 - 1945)    

Several  photos sent to me by Jerry D. Pipes of Seattle. Jerry is a 2nd cousin of mine and a descendant of John Pipes Jr., Nathaniel Pipes, Obediah Pipes, and Obediah's son, William Obediah Pipes. William O. was a brother to my grandfather, James Franklin Pipes.

          Lloyd and Floyd Pipes with their mother, Mary Mckeon Pipes.  

Lloyd and Floyd are twin brothers and sons of William Obediah and Mary Pipes. Lloyd is Jerry's father

          Mary Pipes, William O. Pipes and James Franklin Pipes with  two of William's daughters.

           Lloyd Pipes and Katherine Owens       Katherine was a sister of  William Obediah Pipes. This photo was taken in front of her home in Danville, Kentucky.

           A group photo with William O. Pipes on the right, his wife Mary to his right and on the left end wearing the large hat is William's sister Freda. Her name was Frederica Bonaparte Pipes, but everyone knew her as Aunt Freda.

           A  great photo of Alexander Pipes and  Christina Sappenfield Pipes, his mother. This  photo looks to be a  type that is more like a drawing, I don't know the correct name for the type of picture. It was sent by Ron Pipes of Indiana who tells me that the water line in the photo was caused by a flood in 1937. Alexander was in his Civil War uniform, he was in the 12th Kentucky Cavalry and we think it was taken about 1865. Alexander was the son of Windsor Pipes ( who was a son of John Pipes of SW Penn.). Alexander was b. 22 June 1843 and died Nov 3 1909. Christina was b. July 3 1805 and died sometime after 1880. Windsor was b. Feb 6, 1798 and died Feb 23, 1860

        A photo of Martha A. Pipes and two of her daughters. Martha was a daughter of Morris Pipes (1799-1865) and Sallie Montgomery. I do not know her birth and death dates yet but she married John P. Howard and they raised eleven children. This family moved to Pike Co. Indiana in 1861. The two daughters are Nan Howard Tindel on the left and Mollie Howard Black on the right. This photo is one of the few that exist of the grandchildren of John Pipes Jr. I assume that it was taken about 1870. The Photo was graciously supplied by Mary Leinenbach of Jasper, Indiana. Mary's husband Tom is a descendant of Martha Pipes and John Howard.

    A Photo of Rhoda Pipes ( 1790-1876)  .She was a daughter of Joseph Pipes and was married to William Harrod. Rhoda and William moved to Ohio, near Mt. Vernon, and also lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana for about 5 years. This classic photo was sent to me by Larry Gaskill of Mt. Sterling , Illinois

Rhoda is currently the oldest Pipes with a picture on this page.

           A picture of Alexander Phillips (1830-1897) and his wife Eliza Jane Lindley (1834-1902). Alexander was the son of Elizabeth Pipes and Phelan Phillips.   Elizabeth was a daughter of Joseph Pipes. This pair of photos was sent to me by Shirley Hamill.

This great Photo of Thomas Washington Pipes ( 1849-1921) was sent by William Ward, a descendant of Thomas. He (Thomas) is a son of Charles Pipes and Coromandel Kemp and was born and raised in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. Thomas was an Ordained Methodist Minister and was an elected Representative to the Louisiana State Legislature during reconstruction, after the Civil War. Information on Thomas Washington Pipes can be found in the genealogy file of Abner Pipes.

                     Isaac Newton Pipes and his brother, James H. Pipes.  These photos were sent to me by Larrie Spier Curry, who is a descendant of Isaac N. These brothers are grandsons of Winsor Pipes (1740-1804) and sons of Abner Pipes (1773-1835) and his third wife Mary Hynum. Both Isaac and James served in the Civil War, riding with Nathan Bedford Forrest in the 4th Mississippi Cavalry. Isaac was b. ca 1830 and d.1880. James H, was b. 1827 and appears in the census records until 1870, so he may have died before then.

              These two photos of David Washington Pipes and his wife Anna Key Fort were sent to me by Glenny Pipes Warzeski, who is a descendant. David W. was also in the Civil War and was a grandson of Windsor Pipes ( 1740-1804). David's memoirs of his life and the war may be found elsewhere on the page.


          A photo of the "house that John built".  In the book "The lure and Lore of Limestone County"  ( Alabama) there is a picture and a short story about the house that was built about 1855 by John Pipes (1827-1889). This John was a great grandson of Phillip Pipes and served in the Civil War in the 50th Alabama Infantry. The article describes the house as being a "single-pen" log house. I am not sure of the meaning of that term. The house was apparently still standing in the 1970's and was being lived in at that time.

     Another famous house in our history is the house at Beech Grove plantation. This is the house described in the memoirs of David Washington Pipes and was his birth place and his home until he moved to New Orleans later in his life. The house burned after he moved to New Orleans. The picture is from an old book on Louisiana plantation homes.

       This photo is still somewhat of a mystery.  It was sent to us by Tim Pipes and his brother Chris. They are descendants of Morris Pipes and Sallie Montgomery of Kentucky. They found the picture in their father's papers and on the back it says "My great great grandmother on the Pipes side". The question they have not been able to answer is who wrote the message on the back? if it was their father , then the picture is of Sallie Montgomery ( 1804-1884). If it was their grandfather, then the picture is of Mary Morris Pipes (1760-1842). My opinion is that it is of Sallie Montgomery because of the clothing, the age of the woman and the history of photography. I think it was taken in the late 1850's to mid 1860's, but I am no expert on dating photos and we are continuing to sort this one out. If you know of someone who is an expert at dating photos, have them take a look at this one for us. I am very grateful to Tim and Chris and their family for sharing this with us. Note: Several people have had "Experts" look at this picture and they are all dating it at mid 1860's. If true that would mean this is a photo of Sallie Montgomery Pipes. It may have been taken at the time of Morris's death, some have suggested that she may be wearing mourning clothes.

        This is a photo of Josephine Bonaparte Edwards , who married my G Grandfather, Obediah Brumfield Pipes in Kentucky after the Civil War. Her middle name is influenced by the fact that her mother's side of the family were of Huguenot descent from Virginia. She was born in 1849 and lived on a farm in Perryville, Kentucky and must have been 13 years old during the battle of Perryville in 1862, when the battle ripped through their property on the south side of the battlefield. She and Obediah gave birth to 9 children between 1870 and 1885 and then Obediah passed on in 1892 and Josephine died of pneumonia in 1894. The older daughters raised the younger children, one of whom was my grandfather, James Franklin. I owe the deepest debt of gratitude to the family of  Frank Owens of Danville, Kentucky for saving this picture and sharing it with us.

Bob Pipes

       This photo is of  Eleanor Pipes. She was a great granddaughter of Sylvanus Pipes and was born in Missouri  in 1829 and died in Marceline, Linn Co., Missouri in 1892.  She is descended form Sylvanus Pipes' son William who married Sarah Pipes and their son James Pipes who married Nancy Johnston. Eleanor married James Routt in 1852 and they raised 11 children in Linn and Randolph Counties. Betty Higbee is a descendant of their son Grant Ulysus Routt and she sent this great picture to share with us.

         This is a photo of Dr. James Lee Pipes (ca 1905 -1966). He is descended from George Washington  Pipes (1844-1925) and Mariah Edwards (1844-1912). George W. was a son of William Pipes and Nancy Gray of Mercer County. George and Mariah had a son named Mastin Lee Pipes who was a doctor in Kentucky. He died in a automobile/train accident in 1948.  This Mastin Lee Pipes was the father of Dr. James Lee Pipes. Many thanks to Patricia Whitlow and Leah Shannon Pipes for sharing this photo with us. The second photo is of James Lee while in the military. We think it is around WWII.

   A family photo of the family of George Washington Pipes, his wife Maria Edwards and their children. This picture must have been taken about 1904, George was a son of William Pipes and Nancy Gray. This picture was taken in Boyle Co., Ky. Dr. Mastin Lee Pipes and his son James Lee Pipes are in the back row. ( see entry above this one) Note: The house in this picture may be the original home of William Pipes and Nancy Gray. I have an article written by Nathan Pipes, a grandson of William and Nancy and it suggests that George W. "stayed in Kentucky, on the old home place" after all of his siblings moved on to Pike Co., Kentucky after William's death in 1855. I corrected one of the children's names and one of the son's names.

     A New picture of George Washington and Mariah and all of their children. Probably taken at the same time as the picture above.

   A New picture of George W. and Mariah and some of their grandchildren.

  A better picture of the old George Washington Pipes home. In front are George, his wife Mariah and Miss Edna Shoemaker and one of the children of their daughter Ada who married Perry Cox. The little dog was known as "Topsy". This picture sent by Beth and Tom Cox of Colorado.

         These two pictures are of Dr. Mastin Lee Pipes, a son of George Washington Pipes and Maria Edwards. The first picture is undated but appears to be mid 1890's (he was born in 1872). The second picture was taken in the 1930's or 1940's while on a fishing trip to Florida. Dr. Pipes is on the left and his brother, John F. Pipes is on the right.

     Abner Pipes and his daughter Celia.  Abner is a veteran of the Civil War and a short biography of him can be found on the Soldiers page. He was a private in the 140th Pennsylvania Infantry, and after the war he lived in Greene County, Pennsylvania where he married Intha Estella Hinerman in 1872. They relocated to Hill City, Graham County, Kansas in 1884. This picture was taken on Celia's wedding day in 1919 in Hill City. On that day, she married Opie Cody who had just returned from WW I. This photo was sent to us by Cathie Cody, Celia's granddaughter. Thank You Cathie!

            Donald Eugene Pipes . I just received these photos form Connie Taylor in time to add them to the page on Memorial day, 1999. Donald was an airman in the Army Air corps in WW II and gave his life when his plane and crew were lost in the Pacific in 1944. He was a tail gunner in a B24 stationed on the Marshall Islands. Donald was a descendant of the family of John Pipes and Eleanor Slater of SW Pennsylvania, their son Abner, son John B., son William H. and then Donald. Donald's family lived in Whitestown, Indiana. For more info on him see the Military persons page. Thank you to Connie Taylor for this information.

       Pipesville Post Office.    This clipping was sent by Dave McKay. It shows the Post office building that once stood in the small town of Pipesville near Gambier, in  Knox County Ohio. Many of Joseph Pipes' children migrated to this area from Greene County. Pennsylvania.

       David and Susannah Pipes.     David was a son of Harvey Pipes and Susannah was a cousin and his wife. Again, thanks to Dave McKay for the photo. They appear in another photo near the top of this page.

                  Ella Hazel Pipes Whitmeyer (left picture) and her daughter Edith Whitmeyer Emsinger.  Ella is a daughter of Thomas Pipes and Czarine Brooks. Thomas is a descendant of the Abner Pipes line from Abner, Phillip Pipes and Elizabeth Raney, Charles Pipes and Coromandel Kemp, and then Thomas and Czarine. Ella was born in 1893 and died in 1917. Her daughter Edith was born in 1916 and was the mother of Tommye Jo Emsinger who donated these pictures. Tommye Jo has been a big contributor to the Abner genealogy.

   John Pipes  (1818 - 1891)    John Pipes was a son of Joseph Pipes and Jane Grisham and a grandson of Abner Pipes of the Louisiana family. John was a Methodist Minister and late in his life he wrote a book titled "Life Work" and it was printed by the M. E. Church in Nashville, Tennessee in 1888. The picture shown here was included in the front cover pages of the book. This book was also mentioned on page 165 in the book "Descendants of Windsor and Abner Pipes" , Published by Mrs. Elllsberry. John married Harriet Postelle Shaeffer about 1849 and they lived in Desoto Parish, Mansfield, Louisiana.  

    Charles B. Pipes ( 1886-1973) Charles was a son of Thompson Pipes and Caroline Miller and was a descendant of Joseph Pipes of SW Pennsylvania. Charles was a GG Grandson of Joseph and lived his entire life in and around Greene County, Pa. He was Dentist and practiced there for 52 years. Charles was also a veteran of WW I and had a brother named Clyde Pipes who was the Attorney mentioned as the teller of the stories of Joseph's capture by the Indians as a boy in Mrs. Hennen's book.

   Clayton Everett Pipes    ( 1897 - 1974)  Clayton was a son of John Morgan Pipes and Elge McMillen. They lived in Knox County, Ohio and Clayton is a veteran of WWI. He served in the 134th Field Artillery and was a descendant of Joseph Pipes of SW Pennsylvania. His wife, Melba Belter is in the picture with their son Clayton Everett Jr. We also have a picture of Clayton Jr. and his wife Ethel, taken sometime during WWII. Many thanks to Danny Pipes, a son of Clayton Jr.,  who sent these photos and info on his family.

  Clayton E. Pipes Jr.  ( 1923- ?) and his wife Ethel.

I am very grateful to Martha, Mary and Evelyn Pypes for these precious photos of William Columbus Pypes and his family and also for photos of Delos Edison Pypes his youngest son. William Columbus was the youngest son of William H. Pipes and Louisa Dutton of Union Parish, Louisiana.

   William Columbus Pypes  (1851 - 1915) Descent from Abner, Joseph and William H..  He married Ann Gibbs in 1880.  They raised six children ( two died very young). They were: Defoe, Columbus Dewitt, Annie G. and Delos Edison.  William Columbus changed the spelling of his last name from Pipes to Pypes sometime after 1870 and his descendants have maintained it that way and have no intention of changing it back. The reason for the change remains a mystery and speculation is that he had a disagreement with his family. He left Louisiana after his marriage to miss Gibbs and they lived in Kansas City and Chicago where he prospered with the Armour Meat Packing Company. His family today remains mostly in the Kansas City Area.

   William Columbus Pypes and Ann Gibbs  A picture that may possibly be a wedding photo?

   Ann Gibbs Pypes and her four children, taken about 1893 to 1895.  Left rear is Defoe, Right rear is Annie . Left front is Columbus Dewitt and right front is Delos.

      Delos Edison Pypes  during training camp in WWI . He was a member of the 140th Infantry Regiment and served in France during 1917 and 1918. He was wounded slightly by shrapnel and was a Sergeant in a Scout Battalion during combat in the battle of the Argonne Forest.

  Delos Edison Pypes and his son Delos E. Jr.  

    Phoebe Pipes  was the daughter of Joseph Pipes and Hannah Johnson. ( Joseph was the son of Joseph Pipes of Washington Co., Pa.) She was born in 1846 in Greene Co., Pa. and moved with her family to Linn Co., Iowa in 1850 after her fathers death in 1849. She married Henry Allard in 1861 and they had five children by 1871. Henry and Phoebe made their home in Durant, Cedar Co., Iowa until after 1871 when they moved to Rooks Co., Kansas and lived near Plainville where Henry died. Phoebe later moved to Washington State and died there in Yakima in 1909. Many thanks to Barbara Smith for the pictures and the clues necessary to sort out this lost branch of the family.

    Samuel J. Pipes   Was the son of John F. Pipes  and a grandson of Morris Pipes of Marion Co., Kentucky. You can read more about him and his adventures on the main page under the title " A short story about an outlaw named Pipes"

     Clyde Stephen Pipes, his wife Isa Lee Jackson and their two daughters Mary and Caroline. Taken about 1928

      A Picture of Clyde S. Pipes about 1906

       A family photo. Clyde Pipes and Isa Lee are on the lower right. His brother Charles B. Pipes on the rear left. Other members are unknown for sure. The person sitting next to Charles may be his wife Sarah Cross. The persons in the right rear may be their parents, Thompson Pipes and his wife Caroline (Miller) Pipes.

Clyde Pipes descends thru Thompson Pipes to Steven Pipes to William Pipes, Joseph Pipes and John Pipes Jr and Jemima Harriman. he was an attorney and practiced in Washington Co., Pennsylvania all of his life. His brother Charles B. Pipes was a Dentist in the same Community. Clyde was the family member who told Dorothy Hennen the stories about Joseph Pipes and his capture by the Indians in the early 1800's. Dorothy then re-told the stories in local newspaper articles and in her book " Hennen's Choice".

       These two photos are of James M. Pipes (1836-1928) of Sullivan Co., Missouri and his second wife, Virginia Knifong. James was previously married to Eliza Jane Knifong, Virginia's older sister. James had 3 children from the first marriage and 11 more from the second. He is a descendant of John Pipes Jr. and Mary Morris on both his mother's and father's side of the family and of Sylvanus Pipes on his mother's side.

The pictures were sent to us by Ann, who is a descendant of James M.'s oldest daughter, Mary Elizabeth. Mary was married to Charles Hubbard and was known by her family as "Becky". Ann also sent two wonderful pictures of Charles and Becky and their family.


  This special  photo was sent recently by David and Genelle Pipes. The picture was taken as their daughter Ashleigh Pipes graduated from West Point in June of 2002. Also in the picture are their children: Gordon and his wife Brenda, Gregory and his wife Lindsey and their daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth works at the divinity school at Yale University and both sons are in the military. You can read more about David's military career on the military men page as he served with honor in Viet Nam. David and Genelle are currently serving as missionaries and leaders in a Christian evangelical role in the far east. These members of the Missouri branch of the Pipes family are descendants of Sylvanus Pipes and John Pipes Jr.

   Judge David Pipes and his daughter Julia. David Pipes (1811 - 1891) was a descendant of Sylvanus Pipes. Born in  Mercer Co., Kentucky and moved to Missouri with his father's family at a very young age. He was a very colorful character and details of his life are described elsewhere on the web page. His daughter Julia Ann (1837 - 1916) married George Drake. The picture of Julia appears to be taken about  1890 and the one of David about 1880. Thanks to Don Drake for the photos.

   Lovina Jane Pipes (1862 - 1957) A picture of Lovina as a widow about 1901 in Boone Co., Indiana. Her 4 sons and daughter Blanche Marie.

   Lovina Jane Wright (1862 - 1957) married William Henry Pipes(1858 - 1894) in 1886 in Tyler County, W. Virginia. William Henry was a descendant of the Pennsylvania family of John Pipes and Eleanor Slater. This photo was taken in 1955 with all her children. Her Pipes children are in the back row (Left to right: Clarence, Sam, Blanche, Cleveland and John). Son Landis Hoskins from her 2nd marriage to Charles Hoskins on her right hand. The man on  her left hand is George Furbee, he is a son born in W. Virginia before her marriage to William Henry Pipes. The picture taken in Boone Co., Indiana. 

Thanks to Buster and Marilyn Rogers and Connie Taylor for these photos. Marilyn is a descendant of Clarence Austin Pipes and Connie Taylor is a descendant of Blanch Marie Pipes. They have contributed greatly to the history of this family.

A Photo of Lovina, again supplied by Buster Rogers. Taken in 1955, about two years before her death.

  A photo of the grave stone of William Henry Pipes. In Zionsville Cemetery, Boone Co,, Indiana

     A family photo of the descendants of William Cloyd Pipes and his wife Emma Katherine of the Hiram Branch. The picture is from Labor Day (2003).  It is of 7 of his 9 children.  From left to right they are Edward, Lou Ellen, Janet, John (Eugene), Ben, Wayne and Jack Pipes.  It was taken in Peachtree NC.

The picture was sent by Susan Pipes Lee, a grandchild of Edward.

   A photo of Carrol Pipes Sr. and his son Carrol Pipes Jr. Sent to us by Carrol Sr.'s Granddaughter Pamela (Pipes) Westberry of Sunrise, Florida. Carrol Sr. was an officer in the US Navy during WW II. Born  January 1, 1916, he died on February 16, 1945, shortly after this picture was taken. I thank Pamela for sharing this priceless treasure with us. For more info on Carrol's Military History including details of February 16, 1945, go to the Military Men page and find his name under World War II.

Carrol Pipes is a descendant of William Pipes and Nancy Gray of Mercer & Boyle Co. Kentucky. Their son John married Lydia Morton and the entire family moved to Pike Co. Indiana before the Civil War. John's son Nathan had a son named Lloyd and Lloyd was Carrol's father.

     A Wedding Photo of William Elijah Pipes and Emma Wynn, who were married October 18, 1896 in Cleburne TX. William Elijah is a descendant of Abner Pipes, his son Phillip, Son Abner William, son Wesley E. Pipes. This photo was sent to us by Wesley O. Pipes, a grandson of William Elijah. He (William Elijah) was born in Jackson Parish, Louisiana in 1868 and died in Texas in 1953, the father of six children. Many thanks to Wesley for sharing this photo with us.

   Three New Photos of the Potts/Pipes family connection. These were sent by Al Potts who is a descendant of the Potts/Pipes family from Central Ohio. Al has contributed enormous amounts of data on the Pipes family from Knox and Morrow County, Ohio. All were children and grandchildren of Joseph and John Pipes of SW Pennsylvania.

         Eva Alberta Pipes married Charles Bartley Potts  in Morrow County in 1880. Their son Burton Morgan married Luvie Mulvanie. Charles Bartley was a son of Charles Dawes Potts.

A Photo of the Chester Baptist Church Yard Located south of Chesterville, Morrow County, Ohio. Isaac Pipes and his wife, Elizabeth Biggs Pipes and many of their children are buried here. Many thanks to Al Potts who is a descendant of theirs and he also notes that many of the Potts ancestors are buried here too. Isaac Pipes and the Biggs family were from SW Pennsylvania (Greene and Washington Counties). Isaac is a descendant of Joseph Pipes. The grave yard is to the left and behind the trees.

     Sent to us by Nicole Breiding, a descendant of George Pipes (a son of Sylvanus) and his first wife Gemima (a daughter of Phillip).

 Their only child, Mary "Polly" Pipes married John Leavell (also spelled Levell) and lived in Washington County, Kentucky. (George married Polly Jackman after Gemima's death and the family moved to Missouri). John Leavell and Mary had a son named Verdamen Leavell. This picture is of his daughter Julia Ann Levell Whitesides and also one of her husband Thomas Linville Whitesides.

      The gravestone markers of Verdamen Levell and Thomas Whitesides/Julia Ann (Levell) Whitesides.

  The family of John Quincy Levell. A family photo sent to us by Everett Levell, a grandson of John Quincy Levell who was a grandson of Mary "Polly" Pipes and John Levell of Washington County, Kentucky. Mary Pipes was a daughter of George Pipes and Gemima Pipes and a granddaughter of Sylvanus Pipes and Phillip Pipes. The photo was taken ca 1910-11 in Chariton Co., Missouri.

The picture: back row, left to right Everett West, Lucy Ann, Ada Florence

                Front row, John Quincy, Alfred Norace, Laura Belle (Swearingen) Levell, Laura Ruth

   Wesley Elijah Pipes and his wife Mary Francis Wilson and two of their children, Alice and Eugenia. The picture was taken ca. 1890's in Cleburne, Texas. Many Thanks to Wesley O. Pipes for sharing the photo with us.

Wesley was a Civil War veteran and his story is on the military men page here.

       Photos Sent by Tom and Kimberly Pipes. William Pipes and his wife Cordellia Remington Pipes.

Also a photo of Ralph Vernon Pipes and his wife Henrietta Fry with their son Hal Pipes.

And then a picture of Tom and Kimberly's new grandson, Kaiden Drake Johnson.

All of the Pipes' in these pictures are descendants of William Pipes and Nancy Gray of Boyle Co. Kentucky.

William Washington Pipes was a Civil War soldier from Louisiana. A son of James Huey Pipes and Mary Grissom, William was born on October 18th, 1845 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana. He served in the 5th Louisiana Cavalry More Here and after the war he married Mary Elizabeth Collie. They raised nine children: John Willie(1869-1963), James Jethro, Rufus Newton, Vader Lee, Alice, Thomas McGee, Robert Eugene, Jesse Clarence and Claude Cleveland.

In late 2007, Brian A. Pipes, a great grandson of William sent me these wonderful photos to share with you.

    WW Pipes        WW & Mary      Mary       WW & Mary     WW Pipes                   

  John Willie Pipes ca 1896      Robert Felton Pipes  WWII Era

Meade County Kentucky is home to a branch of the Pipes Family descended from John Pipes and his first wife Jemima Harriman. Their sons Joseph and John had many children in the far SW corner of Pennsylvania and they spread out to Ohio, Indiana and also Meade Co., Kentucky. The pictures are of Rusia Jurusha Pipes, her family and her daughter Myrtle's family.

Jurusha (Alexander Pipes, Windsor Pipes (b. Penn - d. Kentucky), John Pipes (mentioned above), Jemima Harriman); married James Lark Kellems and had a son named Alexander and a daughter named Myrtle. They are in the first picture.

Myrtle married George Washington Hockman and had eleven children, they are in the second picture.

    Jurusha Pipes and James Kellems          Myrtle Kellems and George Hockman

Goldie Pipes was a daughter of Simeon Edgar Pipes. She married Jubal Miller in Boone County, Indiana and had one son, Robert Miller. Robert's son James Miller sent these photos to share with us. Goldie's heritage is from John Pipes Jr. and Jemima Harriman, their son John who lived in Greene Co. Pa, His son Abner who moved to Tyler Co West Virginia, Abner's son John, and John's son Simeon Edgar who was born in Tyler Co. and moved to Boone Co. Indiana.

    Goldie Pipes and Jubal Miller Family         Robert Miller        Robert Miller Wedding Pic

      A family picture of Elias Hardin Pipes and his family.

Elias descends from John Pipes Jr. and John's son Morris Pipes. He was a Confederate Civil War soldier. His family were among the last families named Pipes in the area of Boyle and Marion Counties Kentucky. His wife Victoria Hourigan was a daughter of David Hourigan and Ann Lawence.

Judy Miller supplied us with the photo and I can't thank her enough. It is priceless to me.

Byron Ransdell Pipes - Byron is a WWII Veteran and a descendant of Abner Pipes. This great set of photos and information about Byron's Military Career was supplied to us by the generous efforts of his son Arthur Ransdell "Randy" Pipes of San Diego.

Byron Ransdell Pipes' Military Career.

The Family of Arthur and Ruth Pipes of Louisiana. Randy Pipes sent us the following series of pictures of his family.

Arthur Pipes is a descendant of Abner, Phillip, Charles and Thomas Washington Pipes. His children are Walter Hunter Pipes, Thomas Eugene Pipes and  Byron Ransdell Pipes, all from the Shreveport area. The link takes you to a MS Word Doc file that has the photos embedded, so it takes a few seconds to load.

Many, many thanks to Randy for sending these pictures and for taking the time to put this file together.

Arthur and Ruth Pipes Family.

The Family of James Robert Cox and Mary Jane Pipes. - Mary Jane was the daughter of John Pipes and Elizabeth Gray of Limestone Co., Alabama and a descendant of Phillip Pipes. The Pipes lineage for Mary Jane is John Pipes Sr., Phillip, John, Phillip, Phillip, John.

Many Thanks to Janice Cox Butler for the pictures. The baby Osman Cox in the pictures is Janice's paternal Grandfather

James Robert, Mary Jane and Osman.           Mary Jane and Osman ( A drawing made from the print)

Descendants of Phillip Pipes who settled in Limestone Co., Alabama.

Sarah Pipes, her twin brother John Pipes. Sarah and John are children of John Pipes and Delilah Emmaline Adams

Sarah "Sally" Pipes was married to Wesley A. Mills and John Pipes married Vianna Haynes

Texanna Pipes Foust was a grandaughter of John and Emmaline and a daughter of William Pipes and Dosha Crittenden.

   The Duty Family - Beulah and Ethyl Duty married James Pipes and John Lee Pipes.  James and John Lee were sons of William and Dosha Pipes

The family of John Abner "Jack" Pipes. Jack was a grandson of Abner Pipes and a son of John Pipes and Mary Gibbons. John and Mary were the first Pipes family to migrate from Louisiana to Texas about 1845 or 46. Jack married Charlotte Scott in Cherokee Co., Texas in 1861 and they had 3 daughters and 2 sons. The sons were named John Henry (born 1873) and James McDaniel (born 1875). James was known as James M., and "Dan". The brothers migrated to Oklahoma in the early 1900s. and settled in Roff, Pontotoc County. Their family is in the Abner Genealogy report on the web site. Devin Pipes and Tracy Scriven have provided lots of information and the following set of pictures. All of them from the 1920s and 30s


Devin Pipes Has a great Pipes family tree for this family on Ancestry .com He has many pictures and details of this branch of the family.

Many thanks to Tommye Jo Price for these pictures of the Pipes family from Louisiana and Texas. These are all descendants of Phillip Pipes and Elizabeth Raney (from Louisiana) and their sons Charles and Washington. Charles had a son Thomas Washington Pipes and Washington had a son named Andrew Jackson Pipes. The pictures are of children and grandchildren of Thomas Washington and Andrew Jackson. Helping to tie these families together was the marriage of 3rd cousins Clarence (son of Andrew J.) and Frances Elma "Fannie" (daughter of Thomas) in Louisiana in 1899. Thank You to Debra Parker a daughter of Violet (Hallett) Pipes for making some corrections to the story.

Clarence and Fannie moved on to Texas and each became the Sheriff of Gray County, Texas in the early 1930s. Clarence was a big man at 6' 2" and 375 lbs and held the nickname "Tiny". When he died from Pneumonia in 1934, Fannie was appointed to serve out his term and became the first woman to be a Sheriff in Texas. There is a newspaper article from 1976 in the Pampa Daily News that tells the story.

  Clarence Pipes Taken in the Early 1930s. Picture is from a 1976 Newspaper article.

Fannie E Pipes Taken in 1934 after being appointed Sheriff. Her deputies are shown in the picture. Picture is from a 1976 newspaper article.

  Clarence Pipes

Families of Clarence and Arthur Pipes (about 1926 in Texas).     Arthur Pipes m. Ruth Watson and had sons Walter H, Byron and Thomas.

Clarence and Fannie had sons Charles and Spencer. 

Violet (Hallett) Pipes, wife of Charles Pipes. Charles was a son of Clarence and Fannie Pipes

NOTE: there is a great story and other info and pictures about Byron R. Pipes, a son of Arthur Pipes and Ruth Watson on this page, (about four entries up from this one). 

This is a picture of Thomas Durwood Pipes and his mother Mamie (Miller) Pipes. Mamie was married to Thomas Washington Pipes Jr. The picture was also sent by Tommye Jo Price. Thomas Durwood ( 1924-1984) was a veteran of the Navy during WW II.

Thomas Durwood Pipes is a nephew to Arthur and Fannie Pipes pictured in the previous entry above. His lineage is Thomas W. Pipes Jr., Thomas W. Pipes Sr., Charles Pipes, Phillip Pipes, Abner Pipes.

  Thomas Durwood Pipes and Mamie Miller Pipes

  Thomas and Mamie

        Pictures of Alpheous Pipes and his wife Iona Mae Bolden. Taken about 1910 in Morrow County, Ohio. These were published in "The History of Morrow County, Ohio" in 1911 by Lewis publishing Co. There is also a short biographical sketch of the family.

Alpheous is a descendant of John Pipes Jr., Joseph Pipes, John Pipes and Harrod Pipes.

You can read more about him here.

Pictures of Nancy Jane Pipes and her sister Laura Alice Pipes. They are from the Louisiana family of Abner Pipes and were daughters of Charles Wesley Pipes and Nancy Hearn. Nancy Jane was born in 1857 and Laura in 1871.

Nancy Jane married Robert Brooks and had 13 children in Louisiana. Laura was know as "Big Momma" and married Marshall Farnell, after Marshall passed away in 1900, she arranged a marriage with Robert Hall and moved to Latah County, Idaho. Laura had 4 children with Marshall and 3 more with Robert Hall in Idaho.

Read a remembrance of "Big Mama" by her grand daughter HERE.

   Nancy Jane in Mid life

  Nancy Jane later in Life

   Nancy Jane with her daughters Julia and Geraldine (Jourdina)

  Laura Alice In Idaho

Laura Alice in Idaho

Picture of Samuel S. Pipes and wife Sallie Elizabeth Grey from Alabama. Also a picture of their headstone from the early 1900s.

Samuel is a son of Phillip Pipes and Peggy Hill. Born in Limestone Co., Alabama, he and Sallie raised 7 children, all born in Limestone County. He and Sallie died in Ellis Co., Texas in the early 1900s.


Picture of Catherine J. Pipes and her husband James Survant. Probably taken in the early to mid 1850s. Catherine and James were both born in Mercer County, Kentucky (Later became Boyle Co.). Catherine was born in 1831, and they were married in Kentucky in 1851. She is the daughter of William Pipes and Nancy Gray. William is the youngest son of John Pipes Jr. and Mary Morris. This couple removed to Pike County, Indiana after 1855 along with many folks from that area of Kentucky. They raised many Survant children. This photo was found on The owner has not responded to requests for more info.

This photo is of Lillie E. (Pipes) Allen (02/05/1875-11/18/1956). Sent to us by Larry & John Gandy and their sister Lana of Oklahoma and Texas. Lillie is their Great Grandmother. Picture was taken about 1949-50 in Ardmore, Ok. Her husband was William Allen.  Lillie was 1 of 6 children born to Abner Pipes and Sarah Jane Gourley in Cherokee, Texas.

This Photo is of Anderson Pipes from about 1870. Anderson is the 2nd son of James Pipes and Sarah Pipes of Howard Co. Missouri. Jazmes & Sarah had 3 children, Harrison, Anderson and Mary Elizabeth. They came to Missouri from Mercer Co., Kentucky.  James was a son of Sylvanus Pipes and Sarah was his 1st cousin and a daugjhter of John Pipes Jr.

This is a wonderful photo of the family of Robert Farrar Pipes. Robert was born in Natchez, Mississippi  in 1864 and migrated to the San Antonio area of Texas. He married Mahala Jane Capps in 1885 and they had 6 children, 4 of who survived. Standing L to R are LLoyd Frank, Alton Wheeler(Maggie's husband), Robert William & Earnest Daniel; Sitting are: Robert Farrar, Maggie Bell & Mahala Jane. Eaqrnest served in WWI asa member of the 824th Aero Squadron in France. Robert Farrar serrved in the time of the Philipine War as a crew member in the Mississippi River. Robert Farrar was a stock broker and later President of the San Antonio Packing Company. His father was also Robert Pipes ande his Grandfather was Lewis C. Pipes and Great Grandfather was Windsor Pipes.

This is a photo of William Anderson  Pipes. William was born in 1863 in Sullivan County, Missouri. He was the son of Amanda Francis Pipes who married Henry Smith there in 1861. William Anderson Smith has so many persons named Pipes in his genealogy it is hard to keep track of it all. He moved to Wells County North Dakota in about 1883 after a marriage to Clara Mathis. They had 9 children and he passed away in 1925. Our friend Roxanne Neel sent this picture to me some time ago and I misplaced it.The picture is probably from about 1915. Amanda his mother, was a daughter of Mary Elizabeth Pipes mentioned just above as a daughter of James and Sarah Pipes. All of his ancestors were connected to John Pipes Jr. and his brother Sylvanus Pipes.